Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer is a rare find. Her postcards were on display in the Modern Tate Museum in London, England. "Protect Me From What I Want". "I'll Cut the Smile Off Your Face". She was there before Fiona Apple, and she speaks the same language. She uses words as art and calls them truisms. In 1979, she started by posting her truisms all around New York City. This was art for her, and she was using words for expression.

She might say something that sounds definitive but is open for wide interpretation and personalization. Take one of her early truisms for example: YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT PEOPLE REALLY THINK ABOUT YOU. You start to think about how people really think about you. She hands out ideas and sometimes she says things that are disagreeable. MORALS ARE FOR LITTLE PEOPLE. Oh come on Jenny! You've got to have standards and it is having morality that presents a strong person.

All her text is presented in CAPITAL LETTERS making it sound authoratative or at least emphatic. She doesn't waste any breath. Any thing she says is simple and to the point.

-Allison McCulloch


Born: 1950 in gallipolis, ohio.
Lives and works: in new york.
Family: Mike Glier (husband), Lily Glier (daughter)

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