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Female Producers:
Speculations and Reflections

Miscellaneous Female Producers

Roma Baran

Kathleen Brennan (Tom Waits)

Tom Waits said, "She can lie down on nails, stick a knitting needle through her lip and still drink coffee, so I knew she was the girl for me." As Tom Wait's wife, Brennan has collaborated with him as a producer, songwriter, etc.

Bonnie "Guitar" Buckingham

Peggy Jones

Leslie Ann Jones

Holly Knight


:June Millington for more info: http://www.allmusic.com/ (link: http://www.indieweb.com/riotgrrl/ima.html) producer: Melanie DeMore Share My Song (1992) Ferron inside out: The Ima Sessions (1999) Cris Williamson Strange Paradise (1980) Cris Williamson Best of Cris Williamson (1990) Cris Williamson/Tret Fure Between the Covers (1997):

Salt Nina Ramsby, currently of Baxter

Linda Tillery Teresa Tull Vicki Wickham