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Female Producers:
Speculations and Reflections

Paula Cole

One of the first female producers I ever heard about was Paula Cole. I wasn't really looking for producers that were female, but producing always piqued my interest. This Fire was an incredible debut and it was solely produced by Cole. The only thing I would improve is her ending to "I Don't Want to Wait". It is a terribly slow and unimpressive fade out with drums continuing to drone on, when all it needed was an ending that was a little more abrupt. Secondly, maybe Paula Cole is impressed with Peter Gabriel's vocals. But for someone who made a nice break into the pop world and is considered cool, "hush, hush, hush" becomes a nerdy overdone ballad when Pete comes into the song.

As for good points to that record, pedal and lap steel is nicely incorporated in the record, being done by Greg Leisz. It's good to have ethnic stuff like that going on in pop music instead of the same old instrumentation. Paula is said to have played a Juno and didjeridu, whatever those are. I'll have to do some research and update this paragraph.

So I will admit that I'm not familiar with anything else she produced, but this was a good record, even if it was not perfect.

Paula Cole

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