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Female Producers:
Speculations and Reflections

Concrete Blonde (Jonnette Napolitano)

edit.... She had a past project called Vowel Movement with Holly Vincent from The Oblivious. The first album is out currently. Johnette also had a band with Marc Moreland called Pretty & Twisted. She also sang a couple of songs on The Heads album "No Talking, Just Head" and did lead singing duties on the 1996 tour. Both Johnette and Jim are actively producing. Bands they have produced include In Vivo, Maria Fatal, and Los Illegals. Johnette has recently begun to make available picture frames that she has painted and decorated. Each frame is unique in discription and sizes vary. Most have mirrors in them and each comes with a certificate of authenticity that is personally signed by Johnette. This project is in collaboration with Tim Pacheco, who supplies the frames to her and is distributing them, mainly over the Internet. To receive a list of what is currently available with discriptions and prices email Tim at: ccframe@callamer.com or take a look at her work. link

Jonnette Napolitano