Una Character Sketch

Una saved her money every week, since she was seven, and went one day to Boston. She changed her name from Una Meredith to Cecilia (Dean calls hr Cissy) Walters, in memory of her mother and Walter. She joined the Presbyterian church, though she ran away and got a good job in Boston as a (schoolteacher...seamstress...nanny...sales clerk). There she met Dean Irving where they immediately fell in love.

Dean had all ready planned a trip to PEIsland Canada, though, for the months of August and September, so they waited to get married until he came back, which was forthwith. Dean of course corresponded with Mrs. Anne Blythe which was unknown to Cissy until one day she heard Jem was to marry Faith, which was on a set date.

Dean is killed and she never had a chance to tell him, so she tells Lily Irving and she leaves Boston to go to PEI and comes right in the middle of the wedding and Nan and Rosemary and Faith and Anne are especially shocked, but alas, Una is changed for it has been three years. She has been married and has a little (son, daughter) named (?).

She cannot bear to tell Paul and Laetitcia Irving of all the complicated circumstances, so Anne talks to Paul and it is revealed that she will live in the manse with Rosemary for the rest of her life and will not go back to Boston.

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