LORP Outline

Leslie of Rocky Point by Allison McCulloch 6/22/98 KS - Does it usually snow around or on Christmas in P.E.I.? Yes I. Ingleside II. A Beautiful Wedding III. Auburn Hill IV. Uncle Jem V. School Days VI. On the way to the Store VII. Tea at Longview VIII.Bryant IX. The Graveyard X. Thanksgiving XI. Church XII. Glimpse of Longview XIII. The Blue Woman XV. Father XVI.The Special Thing XVII. Dr. Clodagh Grant War Notes XVIII. Strange Roads Lead Home XIX. The Gray Garden XX. Escape from the River War Emerges XXI. Searching for a Gift XXII. Rosemary's Thoughts XXIII. Una and Dean - no dean XXIV. A School of Her Own XXV. -Untitled- XXVI. Toronto XXVII. Unnamed Boy XXVIII. Shyela Pilot XXIX. June XXXII. Death Comes XXXIV. Jem Goes XXXV. Tomorrow Will Come XXXVI. Ken is Amazed XXXVII. XXXVIII. XXXIX. XL. XLI. XLII. Someday .Setting: Four Winds, '39-42 Name: Leslie Anne Ford b.1926 Curious/Nice Brown hair concluded @ shoulders Ambition: Weakness: Curiosity Attached to: Best friend: Evelyn Blythe Childhood friend: Campbell Young Not very fond of: Tamsin Young Evelyn Blythe: Story-teller The Blue Woman: Rosemary Meredith Grandad: Gilbert Blythe Collette M.: Musician Places: Serene Creek, Violet Walk

June A. Clodagh's birthday-receives The Wake, astonished. _ Una raises the children with a biscuit buisness or whatever else is big at the time. Ken is Amazed that they carry on so well, he might enlist just for effect to see how they will cary on, he says teasing Rilla. By golly, I will enlist. _ Someday So here we are thrown in the midst of this war. Death is coming near; I can feel it. All of us must be strong and fight for the certain justice that will surely prevail-someday. "Tomorrow will come" to bring end of all violence. There must never be anything so devastating as what is happening now, again. Never. I wonder if the next generation will have to fight more? It can't be. There should not be such a question in my mind. The future awaits for me now-I know. There is more to come and waht is to come will appear one day. Someday. Collette writes "Tomorrow Will Come," a song for the war and people beg her to play at several war concert events Ideas: -someone who is thirty, neither young, nor old -lady who doesn't know how old she is her husband judges how old his wife is...one year younger Persis & Macon: 1. Randall -15 2. Lora - 13 3. Elinor - 11 4. Caelum -9 5. Sam -7 6. Janie - 5 7. Francis - 2 -people chained & obeying people for wealth one walks away and one stays. One that walks away gets better share Maybe put Clodagh in that situation. She walked away from wealth to not be a prisoner. -Sermon: Wars and Rumors of Wars. "Well, there certainly are rumors." May... Don't remember why, just wrote May. -Collette watches a house burn down Words: -attestation -atypical (not typical) -aught (anything whatever, zero) -axiom (self-evident truth) -bough -congeries (pile of things) -connubial Ch#2 (of marriage) -contemporaneous (happening in same time period) -fricasse (meat Leslie eats at the Kendalls) -hazy -knotted -Mayhem -parterre (garden w/flower beds and path in a pattern) -queue (line of people waiting to be served) -Spire -viscid (thick, sticky) -yesteryear -Zephyr (west wind) -zweiback (biscuit that is sliced /toasted after baking)