OUTLINE I. Literature A. "Bugle Song" and "Idylls of the King," Alfred Lord Tennyson B. "From a Girl at Fourteen to her Own Old Self," Alice Meynell NOTE: Not exact title C. "Children of the Abbey" II. Characters A. Nan Blythe 1. What she is like 2. Outward Appearance a. Looks like Gilbert's mother, who was present at her birth p. 194?? She has brown hair and is pretty B. Di Blythe 1. What she is like a. She is a grammatical perfectionist p. 176 (of #6 or #7) B. She is practical C. She has Gilbert's sense of humour and is "Father's favourite" 2. Outward Appearance A. She has red hair with a swirl to it p. 11 ?? B. Green eyes p. 11?? C. James M. Blythe 1. What he is like 2. Outward Appearance A. Hazel eyes 3. 4. What he NEEDS to do: A. He needs to share a German prison with Stephen Francis Barry, married to Esme Dalley D. Rilla Blythe 1. What she is like 2. Outward Appearance A. Red-golden hair p. 54, red-brown curls p. 224 3. 4. What she NEEDS to do: A. She needs to care a lot about Kenneth, Jr. E. Susan Baker 1. 2. 3. Family A. Sister - Matilda B. Niece - Gladys (Matilda's daughter?) - p. 23 C. Uncle - was a sailor 4. She NEEDS to: A. She reads a chapter of the Bible each night p. 77 of Anne of Ingleside F. Anne Shirley Blythe 1. 2. 3. 4. What she NEEDS to do: A. She needs to worry about her youth B. She needs to shut her eyes when she is 80, and then see Hester Gray's violets as clear as she did when she was 17. C. She needs to be a little "mad" in the spring What some characters need to do or be: 1. Some people need to go insane 2. Some people need to bribe 3. Some people need to be "disgustingly rich" 4. Some people stay inside their houses for 10 years 5. A pyschic-instinctive person Put emphasis on: 1. Spare rooms and what it looks like 2. Emotions all at once at one point: despair, fear, hope, love, hate, faith 3. New Year's resolutions
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