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Rilla of Ingleside (c) 1987, paperback ANNE BLYTHE -Characters She achieves to laugh in tragedy. -Description CLICHES -golden; page 1; page 3; COUSIN SOPHIA CRAWFORD -Character -Description -Miscellaneous She had a green dress with pink posies and it was flounced from the waist to the hem. Page 22, 23 She reaches apex of her intellect at age 71. Page 73 DIANA BARRY -Sons Jack DIANA BLYTHE -Character -Description DOG MONDAY DR. JEKYLL (DOC) Also see MR. HYDE -Description He has sleek, glossy fur of a dark yellow crossed by orange stripes, and large, satiny, golden ears. -Name He was renamed by Walter Blythe, who was reading DR FAITH MEREDITH -Description -Place of Education Redmond - Page 72 FRED ARNOLD -Character He is nice and clever. page 71 -Description He has a dreadful nose. page 71 GERTRUDE OLIVER -Character -Description GOLDIE see DR. JEKYLL also DR. HYDE JACK FROST -Description She is a cat, that was thought to be a male until she had kittens. PAGE 2 She is the mother of Goldie, renamed Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde by Walter. PAGE 3 JIMS ANDERSON -Character -Description He has beautiful eyes. Page 74 KENNETH FORD -Character -Description -Rank Major MARY VANCE MEG CONOVER -Character -Description MILLER DOUGLAS MIRANDA PRYOR -Character -Description MISS CORNELIA (MRS. MARSHALL ELLIOTT) -Character -Description MR. HYDE Also see DR. JEKYLL -Character -Description He is a cat. -Destruction He broke Anne Blythe's big, blue mixing-bowl from Green Gables. NAN BLYTHE -Place of Education Redmond - Page 72 PARENTS WHOSE BOYS HAVE ENLISTED Billy Andrews' son Diana's Jack Jane Andrews' only son Phillipa's sons Priscilla's son from Japan Stella's son from Vancouver REDMOND Faith, Nan, Di, and Walter attend this school. RILLA BLYTHE -Character She detests people who sulk. page 70 -Description -Miscellaneous Wherever Rilla Blythe was, there was laughter. Page 2 SHIRLEY BLYTHE -Place of Education Queen's - Page 72 UNA MEREDITH -Character -Comments made by others Rilla: She is just a perfect angel. page 70 Walter: She was like a tea rose. page 70 -Description WALTER BLYTHE -Place of Education Redmond

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