2001, Allison McCulloch

[CP takes a spoon and collects the rations of margarine given to each 
prisoner. Finally he collects about 3/4 cup.]

Crazy Prisoner: Ha ha! I'm Jack Allen (rubbing margarine over his face
and hands and clothes)  I'm going to escape from Alcatraz.

[Buddies grin, guards take him into custody and remove him from 

cut to: [(pounding music) two guards with flash light and a dog.
Bill jumps into water, light shines where he jumped.  Bullets fly
into the water from machine gun @ tower.] 

cut to: [guard throwing accomplice (shot in the arm) in "The Hole"
for solitary confinement]

(TLJ-like) Chief:  Now you all know that there's no way that Carson 
can still be alive.  It's nearly impossible for prisoners to escape 
from their cells, but John Carson, William Carson, and Littleton 
succeeded.  John Carson and Littleton were captured, but William
did escape.  His body has not been recovered, but it will be.  He
couldn't have reached land, (because of all the currents in the bay).

Police #1: Sir, they overpowered me.  Are you looking to dismiss me?

Chief: That's not up to me.  It's up to my boss.  Still, you're
lucky you weren't killed like Harold Reid was. Your penalty is to
be transferred to the mainland until Carson's body is recovered.  
They're looking for it right now.

[downpouring rain; Carson approaches car and knocks roughly]

BCS: Hey.  Hey!
driver:  What are you doing?
[BCS shows Harold Reid badge]
BCS: Police business.
driver: get lost.
[BCS breaks window with gun and knocks driver out. Speeds off]

[Car shop]
BCS: [shakes hand] Bill Smith.  How much will you give me for this 
here car.

car dealer: I reckon not more than a couple hundred dollars.
BCS: Well, I'm kind of desperate.
car dealer: Yup, I know.
BCS: How's that?
car dealer: Well, most people everywhere here.  They're desperate.

cut to: [BCS hitchhikes, sticks thumb out by side of road. 
Car pulls over]
BCS:  Where you headed?
Hester: Bodega.
BCS: (grins) that's where I'm headed.  Can you gimme a lift?
Hester: Why sure.
BCS: It's awful nice of you to pick up a complete stranger.
Hester: Why, I do this all the time.  My wife and I were stranded
outside of Denver, when we were moving here from Ok-lie-homa.  Some
nice man took us a little past the Cali border.
BCS: Why did you go to Bodega?
Hester: My wife's folks were already out there. We thought
we'd join them, cause things was gettin a little rough in OK.
BCS: You've got any youngin's?
Hester: Yep.  Two girls: Anna and Lucy.  Girls is the most trouble and 
they're right at the marryin' age.  (Pause) You got a wife?
BCS: No, never got hitched.  (pause)  I had a sweetheart.  (pause)
Wasn't real serious.  I was young.  Maybe 18, 19.

[They get out to the Hester place]
Hester: I reckon you need a place to stay?
BCS: Well, I s'pose there's a boarding place somewhere?
Hester: Mrs. Kinley.  She takes boarders, cause she's a widow.  She
charges a pretty steep price to keep scavengers away, but if you tell 
her you know me, she'll give you a price break.
BCS: You'll say you know me?
Hester: (enthusiastically) Sure.  You're a kind-hearted man.
BCS: Why, thanks.
Hester: Just go about a 1/2 mile down this road and it'll be on the 
BCS: Thanks. (waves)
Hester: Oh, and Bill,
BCS: (turns) Yes?
Hester: I recommend you join us at church this Sunday.  Meet up here
at 7:30 on Sunday and Mrs. Hester will have some breakfast prepared.
Then we can all go and show you where the service is held.

[Mrs. Kinley's desk is right by the turn of the stairs.  BCS is going up.]
MK: Say Mr. Smith, what is your line of work? - Fruit pickin'?
BCS: (thinks) naw.  I reckon I could, but-
MK: (interrupts) that's good.  The last two renters I had were
fruit pickers and they were bumming me on the rent.
BCS: Oh, no ma'am, I intend to pay for my keep.
MK: Very well [continues writing a letter]

MK: You're up bright and early this morning, Mr. Smith.
BCS: I'm on my way to church.  You religious any?
MK: Yes, of course, but I'm not so sure you'll see me attending
any of those services in town.
BCS: Why not?
MK: It's a little unconventional.  I'm not sure what to think of it.
I wouldn't be surprised if they scared you too.

[Hester kitchen]
Mrs.H: Any more coffee Mr. Smith?
BCS: No, I'm fine.
Anna: Well, if you made friends with pa just to win my hand in marriage
you'd better leave him alone.  I'm engaged.
BCS: Pardon me, Miss Hester, but I do believe I was looking at your
younger sister.
Lucy: I ain't half as pretty as Anna, Mr. Smith.
BCS: There's more sense in scrawny mousey-haired women I've found. 
(winks at Mr. Hester)
Anna: Oh, is that right?

[in the model T, arriving at a field with 6 or 7 cars and 3 horses tied up.]

BCS: Are we close to the building?
Lucy: (giggles) See that barn right there?
BCS: I see-
Mr. H: I hope you don't mind standing.  It's kind of a different kind
of serivce. (or should it be in the Holmsteads barn)

(sing a gospel number)

Deacon: Alright, is Thomas Patterson here?  
TP: Uh oh.   Was it my turn to preach this week?
Deacon: I reckon. Paul Walters is doing a revival the next county over.
TP: I figure I'll preach on welcoming your neighbor.  That's an
important topic.

[gathering afterward]

Mandy: I'm Mandy Riley.  How did you like it?
BCS: Oh, I figure church never was so fun.  The singin's pretty good.
Mandy: Well that's great.  There's a prayer meeting every Thursday 
night at the Holmsteads.  You planning to come to that?
BCS: I might. Say, why isn't church held at a home.
Mandy: Seems more people come on Sundays.  We couldn't fit everyone
at the Holmsteads.  Are you usually a praying man?
BCS: Sometimes, especially recently.  It seems God's been answering
my prayers lately.
[enter Joanna Riley] Jo: Mandy, mama's calling us to come home.
Mandy: Meet Mr. Smith.
Jo: Mr. Smith.  What do you think of that man who escaped from
BCS: Well, you know he probably drowned.
Mandy: See, that's right.  You can't escape from a place like that.
(change to belittling tone) Jo thinks he's on the run.
BCS: Well if he is, the police are sure to catch him.  Dozens of FBI 
agents are scouring the nation looking for him.
Jo: Sure doesn't make me feel better. I'll be on the look for him
until they do catch him.
Mandy: And if they don't.
Jo: Oh, they will.

[BCS runs into Lucy.]
BCS: Where you going Lucy?
Lucy: Prayer meeting.  You going?
BCS: Sure, I might.  You going by yourself?
Lucy: Yep.  Mama has some work to do and Papa never goes.
BCS: What about Anna?
Lucy: You like her?
BCS: I told you, no.  Besides that she's engaged.  
Lucy: Right, Jerry usually visits her every single evening.  Except
on Sundays.  He comes in the afternoon for hours and hours and hours...
BCS: You have a beau?
Lucy: Well, there's Mitchell White.  He usually takes me home from
prayer meeting.
BCS: Oh that's not serious at all.
Lucy: Oh but it is.  He had to ask my father's permission and everything.
BCS: I wouldn't ask any father's permission if there was a girl I 
wanted to take to her house.
Lucy: Well, you wouldn't have to ask my daddy anyway, cause you're 
friends with him.
BCS: Are you implying that you want me to take you home?
Lucy: You said yourself that I had some sense.  I think you like me.
BCS: That was just a joke.
Lucy: (pause) oh. (looks at him)

[on way home Mitchell & Lucy walk together]
MW: Say, when should we get married?
Lucy: I don't know.  Were you thinking we would get married?
MW: Yes, I asked you.
Lucy: When, right now?
MW: Will you or won't you?
Lucy: I guess I won't.  There's someone else who's friends with my
father.  I think I might marry him.
MW: Who-that gangly old fellow that just moved into town.  He's nothing.
He'd make your life miserable.  He'd be more friendly with your father
than with you.
Lucy: I suppose I said no.  Why don't I walk the rest of the way home
by myself.
[MW grabs Lucy's arm and takes a big stick as if he's about to hit 
her. BCS comes from nowhere and tackles MW to the ground.]
BCS: Stay back Lucy.
Lucy screams.
[BCS pushes MW away hard.]
BCS: You go on now, before I do any real damage to you.
to Lucy: What was that boy thinking?
Lucy: He asked me to marry him.
BCS: And you said...
Lucy: No.  
BCS: Why's that?
Lucy: Because he was a sissy to ask my father if he could take me home.
I don't believe I want to marry any one who would do that.
BCS: Well I never would, would you marry me?

[Two years later]