HEAD START 5 second clips of husband scanning the radio ˇPop song about dreaming: ˇOld version of "I Dream of You" ˇcountry song: ˇBlondie's "Dreaming" starts Darleen: Oh that's good (bounces to song) sings: "dreaming is free" Song plays while opening credits roll. They are driving along a bridge like Golden Gate in San Francisco when a Ford truck violently bumps into them. cut to: [license plate flashes] cut to: husband in critical condition in hospital. Darleen: Will he live? Nurse: Don't worry ma'am. It will be alright. Cut to: police questioning. Police #1: It was a hit and run. Darleen (crying): My husband died. Police #1: Luckily you got the license plate number. This guy is going to have to pay. Court trial prosecute. (find out consequences of hit & run) Darleen & Chrissie at restaurant Chrissie: Do you this that guy is cute (points to: Gamut Triley) Darleen: Nah (smiles). I haven't gotten over him yet. Chrissie: You should ask him out. Darleen: I don't even know him. Chrissie: Go on. Darleen: No. She keeps seeing hi at restraunt, introduced under false name: Allen Richmond. Murder occurs at her apt. complez and no suspects. She tells police she remembers seeing murderer and gives them the false name. Chrissie to Darleen: Are you out of your mind? You reported Allen to the police? Darleen: I saw him in the complex. Chrissie: When? Darleen: I told them I noticed him at this restaurant I went to, and saw him in the apartments. I didn't hear anything? [police note she is very alert and almost suspect she is involved]