Title: THE SAME Casting Characters Carrie-Anne Moss (Wayne) Vokovich Owen Wilson Adam Sandler Elaine Stritch Ben Marley Apollo 13 actor(ess) that will be the hottest new thing Ideas It has to be a brilliant movie Confusion: I'd like one for "The Same" Great cinematography, comedy Think What is good about movies? Plot Girl (CAM) with grandmother (ES) who dreams of going away near the Atlantic Ocean not near violence like LA. People who can't distinguish fantasy from reality, and who is real and who plays in like everybody else. AS thinks that someone stole his brain, so he drills five inches into his skull to find ou Teacher who gives points out of 50 and doesn't tell anyone until the next day ?Songs in the Key of Z : The Curious Universe of Outsider Music by Irwin Chusid 62. See picture Improvisation : Its Nature and Practice in Music by Derek Bailey Usually ships in 24 hours Da Capo Pr Paperback - 146 pages Reprint edition (September 1993) List Price: $15.00 Our Price: $13.50 You Save:$1.50 (10%) Click here for more info Avg. Customer Review: Synopsis Derek Bailey's IMPROVISATION, originally published in 1980, now revised with additional interviews and photographs, deals with the nature of improvisation in all its forms--Indian music, flamenco, baroque, organ music, rock, jazz, contemporary, and "free" music. Bailey offers a clear view of the... Read more ??