There is a script I'm working on called The Same. The name was inherited from all the times someone has asked for "The Same" at the movie theater I work at. Oh yeah, like I'm going to be paying attention to all the people who want movie tickets and I might not remember which movie their friends got. So it would be a delightful trick to give them "The Same" instead of the same movie. The sequel or a movie like it could be called "The Same Thing" for those who do not ask for "The Same" but "The Same Thing". The basic plot: This girl who finds herself a woman one day has many dreams, but does nothing about them. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, wants not only his to come true, but hers. He asks that she not be "the same" as everyone else, but act on her dreams (she wants to be a CIA agent or something of the like). The movie opens with the woman (Carrie-Anne Moss) washing dishes with Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" in the background. The song is about acting on your goals; your life will stay the same forever if you do not change TODAY. Basically what happens is that her boyfriend (Owen Wilson) and his friend (Adam Sandler) get together to form a band. She thinks they suck (and they're not that great) but through their determination, they land a record deal and become big, because they followed through with their dreams. When she realizes her big plans fall through because of her lack of ambition, her boyfriend is there for her to make them happen. The problem is people who can't distinguish fantasy from reality, and who is real and who plays in to compromise like everybody else. Carrie-Anne Moss' character wants to save everybody, but finds out she really needs to save herself. The paradox is Adam Sandler's character, who gives the film life as character as far along as it is now. While the problem is defined as there are too many people who can't distinguish fantasy from reality, Adam accomplishes his dreams of becoming a rock star and makes it reality, while he has a few screws loose in his brain, which leads to lots of publicity for the band, because he is always involved in acts of violence, and one time, self-mutilation (he is convinced aliens stole his brain, so he drills five inches into his skull to find out--based on a true story I heard on the radio). There are several things I need to piece together and I need more to the story than that. I also have other details, but they are written in fragments and not completely thought out yet. Tell me if you have any ideas or whatever.... I haven't thought of characters' names, just thought of Carrie-Anne Moss, Owen Wilson, Adam Sandler for roles. Actually I have thought of Owen Wilson's last name: Vokovich. There was this guy who came to the movies one day with his credit card and he looked really cool and was from Australia. He also had a cool last name, so I thought I would have to use it for something. Elaine Stritch is a minor role that could play Moss' grandmother. She is an old lady that is a great character, very lively. Allison