Oscars 2002
Synopsis of each of his films

Recognized Woody imitations: Moon Over Parador -- Bananas When Harry Met Sally -- Annie Hall The Last Action Hero -- The Purple Rose of Cairo (which itself was an homage to Buster Keaton's Sherlock, Jr.) Q: Where does Woody Allen live? A: 930 5th Avenue, New York, NY Q: What themes are repeated in Woody's movies? A: Characters obsessed with death, the JFK assasination, and Ingmar Bergman movies. Also, the theme of illusion (manifested in things like magic, the supernatural, movies, memories, mystical healers like Mr Yang in Alice) versus "reality" is something he likes to use often. He often talks directly to the camera. Frequently plays movie directors. Usually gives his characters short names because they're quicker to type.

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