Books to Read

You start like this: FADE IN: EXT. THE CALIFORNIA COAST - SUNSET SALLY looks out over the crashing waves. Her expression blank. Her robe in a while pile around her ankles. Here's a few things to think about if you are serious about being a screenwriter, because if you're not serious about being a screenwriter, don't do it. Go write poetry or the first three chapters of a novel. 1: Read "Screenplay" By Syd Field.... That is the criteria by which you will be judged by the spotty-assed Story Editors (no offense) who are paid 40 bucks a script to judge their betters using the concepts detailed in that book because they themselves don't have a clue about writing. 2: Throw that book away because you will be writing drivel if you stick to the principals in it. But you need to be aware of these rules so that when you break them you can argue your point. 3: Read "How To Write It, How To Sell It" By Linda Palmer, "How to Make a Good Script Great" by Linda Seger and "The Art OF Dramatic Writing" By Lajos Egri, perhaps even read "Poetics" By Sophicles, and any other books that interest you. 4: Buy a DVD player, watch "director tracks" on films with Writer/Directors at the helm. Hearing a director talk for two hours about his own work is better than any class I ever had in film school. Internalize the concepts and pay attention to how the writers talk so you can speak the lingo when you to your first story meeting. 5: Write. Nothing makes a good writer better than writing. Then toss that first script. It'll be horrible. And write your second. Toss that one. It'll be just as horrible. And write your third. Then write a forth. Go back to the third and rewrite. Toss it. Rewrite your forth and if it's not damn good. Really damn good. Go back to your day job. It's not going to be easy and you're not going to find answers on a web site. Write every day. WRITE EVERY DAY SoylentGreen-IsPeople