A Excellent. B More than one good song/Few shining moments C Just another record on the planet earth. Nothing different or cool about it. D Diversion from artist's previous work (not good). E Diversion from artist's previous work (*good*). F One good song! G I want to get rid of this album. Lousy! H Absolutely terrible, but I will keep it bc I like the artist. I Incredible, but weird. Nothing like you've ever heard. J I bought it because of someone else who contributed to the project. K King Rating: Every one says it's good, but what is everyone talking about? L Little bit of everything. Very ecclectic. M Mouse rating: This is not a well-known project/artist, but good. N O Opus Magnus. This artist's best work. P Pauper Rating: buy this album even if you have no money. Q Queen Rating: radio friendly and still artistic. R Rare, Out of print, but well worth seeking. S T Too much! It would have been better if they left out songs that didn't fit. U V W X X-Ray Rating: This album is very emotional and can see through you. Y Yo Yo Rating: Sometimes I'm in the mood for it, sometimes not. Z