All Star United Review

All Star United
All Star United - Reunion Records
10 tracks [43:11]
Produced by: Ian Eskelin

So you thought All Star United sounded familiar? You were right. Lead vocalist Ian Eskelin isn't new to the CCM scene. Do you remember his "Smash Hit" or "Come to Me"?

La La Land -- "Well I've got no time to find out what's real..." Oh my; what a great opening! Don't you sometimes think, "I have Jesus; He will protect me from all these ugly consequences or trials"? I've been there, you've been there. Wake up! You're just in La La Land.

Bright Red Carpet -- "Heaven's gate is no place for fashion shows." With an alternative sound and serious lyrics, this is a really cool song. You might have heard it on one of the various samplers this song appears on.

Angels -- "She just watched a little too much TV..." This song has a hip - pop sound (sic). It's about a girl who is in some real trouble, but angels are near her, watching.

Drive -- "Take a deep breath." Relaxing. Play this one in the car.

Torn -- "Will you wait for me if I run from you?" Decisions. We all need to make them. The narrow path or the broad road? Torn features calmer music, but aggressive lyrics.

Smash Hit -- "This Jesus thing-it's a smash hit!" So is the song. Don't you even think twice about moshing. Go for it!!!

Saviour of My Universe -- "I don't propose that we preserve the world inside a fragile ball of glass." This acoustic track is probably the most popular one on the album. It's serious and cool.

Beautiful Thing -- "No fake Monet, hey the real Van Gogh." Great song! Ponder the lyrics and turn up the volume.

Tenderness -- "All your pitfalls and fears became mine." Calming words and a steady beat.

Lullaby -- "Don't be afraid, just know that I'll be with you somehow." They save the best for last. This song will soothe your spirit and musically, it's anything but a lullaby. So your friends have "moved to Neptune," but Jesus is right here no matter what.

And don't forget the hidden track and don't forget to check out All Star United's website!



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