Allison Moorer Whispers

Allison Moorer Whispers

Allison's father killed her mother and left the young teenager and her older sister (Shelby Lynne) orphans. She's come a long way. She came to Nashville for the purpose of singing background vocals for her sister, but was offered a contract by MCA Records.

The Horse Whisperer Soundtrack featured her lovely "Soft Place to Fall" which received a nomination for an Academy Award.

Her whole entire debut, Alabama Song is wonderful. It opens up with "Pardon Me," a gorgeous, slow, but sure ballad about the end of a relationship. Most of her songs are sad, traditional country songs. Another highlight is "Tell Me Baby" written by the late Walter Hyatt (this is the only song she covers).

Kenny Greenberg is the producer for the album and even plays guitar on a couple tracks. Other performers/singers on her album include Ashley Cleveland, Buddy Miller, Additional links: