Angie & Debbie Winans: Where Christians Fear to Tread

Angelique Winans was the ninth child to be born in the famous Winans family in 1968. Three and a half years later, the tenth child, Debra Winans was born. Can you imagine growing up, watching all of your brothers and sisters become singers and just wonder if that wasn't what you were going to be?

Angie & Debbie sang background vocals for their brother and sister, BeBe and CeCe for ten years. Not to also mention Whitney Houston.

Since then they have produced a self-titled album. But when it came to making a new album, they were stifled by their label, Capitol Records. That is when they started ATF (Against the Flow) Records to record their new album Bold. Some of the songs they wanted to record would definitely be rejected by their secular label.

"Rebuke the Devil" will catch your eye. When will they sing? They are simply speaking in this song. "Rebuke...the devil. Rebuke...the devil."

Then there is "It's not Natural," which was inspired by the whole Ellen-thing. They feel that it is simply ridiculous that homosexuality should be taught to children as young as kindergartners in the public schools. Debbie says, "To me, that is not fair."

They took some heat for it too. When they were supposed to perform in a Californian church, its members started a boycott, which led to only a 125 person attendance.

As for a family of their own, Angie & Debbie are both married. Angie has a one-year old son named Ryan.

E-mail them and tell them that you appreciate their "bold" stand! They also have a homepage.

The Winans family: David Jr., Ronald, Michael, Marvin, Carvin, Daniel, BeBe & CeCe, Angie & Debbie


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