Canticle of the Plains

Rich Mullins toyed with the idea of creating a musical about Jacob, whose Bible story he loved. But he decided, "Christians wouldn't go for it, because it was about polygamy. And heathens wouldn't go to it, because it was about the Bible. If you're going to put that much work into it, you wanna sell tickets; let's face it."

So he created Canticle of the Plains which is a musical based on the life of St. Francis of Assisi. Some scenery changes were made; St. Francis in Italy became Frank of Kansas. While a man named Beaker helped him with the writing, Rich ran into Mitch McVicker who would help with the writing of the musical and play the character of Frank.

Not long after debuting the play in June, Mullins was killed in a car accident. Mitch, who was in the car with Rich, was greatly injured although he has made a strong recovery.
Mitch McVicker

The album, which is only available in CD, features three secondary characters: Buzz (Michael Tait of dc Talk), Ivory (Kevin Smith of dc Talk), and Clare (Leigh Bingham-Nash of Sixpence None the Richer).

You won't want to miss Leigh's soft ballad called "Buenos Noches from Nacogdoches" or Mitch's praiseful "You Are All." The two from dc Talk also have songs worth giving a listen.

It is apparent that this is an independent release: there is nothing in the production that is very impressive.

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Wichita Eagle: 10/11/97
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Ordering info:
If you do not have a Family Christian Store near you, you might want to order the CD from the Kid Brothers of St. Frank. There is always True Tunes and The Better Book Room.

Sound Clips:
There You Are Vocals: Mitch McVicker
Cry For Freedom Vocals: Michael Tait
If I Could Make it Work Vocals: Kevin Smith
In Your Hands Vocals: Leigh Bingham Nash
You are All Vocals: Mitch McVicker

(all songs written by Rich Mullins, Beaker, Mitch McVicker)

All these songs are from