Cindy Morgan:
The Loving Kind

Cindy Morgan releases her fifth album: The Loving Kind, which once again bestows upon the listener a liberal amount of tracks. This is her second album with producer Brent Bourgeois; he seems more familiar with Cindy and her new style this time around. This album is extremely thematic; it follows the path of Jesus' story: of his life, death, and resurrection.

"In the Garden" opens the album with a Euro-folkish sounding tune. It is a perfect introduction to what the album is going to be about.

Brent Bourgeois' production rubs off a little too much on "The March." This is the funkiest song on the album and I could dare to call it an anthem. You have seen this side of Cindy Morgan before and she assures us by this song that you will continue to see it in her career.

"The Loving Kind" is a classic song by Cindy: light, deep, and lyrically inspirational and picturesque. Written from the Apostle Peter's point of view, this is extremely touching.

"The Last Supper" is a duet with Wes King. Classical music. Lyrics that represent the first Communion. Gorgeous.

"Devil Man." The darker side of "Delilah." She always has one angst-ridden song and this one representing Judas' point of view is it.

"Can You Hear Me" is a slow, questioning song about the anguish Jesus must have felt. It is almost desperate.

"The Only Way" is cool musically and definitely lyrically. She paints a picture of soldiers with torches and the trial of Jesus before Pilate and then tells how Jesus said He is "the only Way" and "My Father's Son."

"Hard Heart" states "Blessed be the one who comes in the name of the Lord" so strongly and so assuredly.

It is hard to listen to "The Whipping". The lyrics are so vivid and they are hard to listen to. There is no "music" but a rumbling, muffled sound made by a couple of instruments.

"Higher" reflects the thoughts of Jesus and then ends by fading back into "Can You Hear Me."

"Take My Life" is the first single. This is a beautiful ballad and is one of the wonderful highlights on the albums.

"Alive and Well" is the only other song on this album where the presence of Brent Bourgeois as a producer is felt so strongly. It must be my favorite. It is a proclamation of Jesus' resurrection. He was dead, yet He now lives.

"Praise the King" ends the recording with a quiet, praiseful wonder caused by His great love for dying for us.

Members from Avalon as well as Heather Floyd of Point of Grace, Mary Ann Bourgeois, and Allison and Catherine Pierce appear on this recording. If you are looking for an album that is lyrically intense, musically stimulating and diverse, pick up The Loving Kind.