Erin O'Donnell: Jammin' Java - Friday, March 20, 1998

Song List:
No Better Place
Didn't Even Know
Be Still and Know
I Will Trust In You
Even In My Youth
Dear Francis
Everything You Say*
All of This*

Encore: [cover of] "This Must Be the Place"

* from Scratching the Surface

Erin O'Donnell, the artist discovered through the Internet, walked on to the stage with a long black dress partially covered by a sweater on the verge of lavender. Present with her was her husband/bass-player Brad O'Donnell, a drummer, and a guitarist. She opened with "No Better Place," the hit that was number one on the Christian AC and CHR radio charts simultaneously. She continued to play songs from her debut album Scrapbook of Sorts until she had performed the first five cuts and track seven.

She told of a girl who e-mailed her to request sheet music to her song, "I Will Trust In You." Erin told how the girl had a disease she wouldn't even try to recall the medical name for, but the girl's skin would fall off little by little and there was no cure. She continued to say how the lines "I am a rag doll/Made of strings and yarns/ Each day a new thread/Is torn from me..." spoke to the girl, and described her and encouraged her to go on.

The other wonderful story she told was about the song that was "inspired by a Patty Melt at Shoney's." Her husband, Brad O'Donnell who has written all of her songs overheard a conversation at Shoney's and came up with "Dear Francis."

She gave us a gracious sample of her upcoming album: All of This. "Seriously" was the introduction that she gave of her new release. She explained how sometimes we get caught up with this life and become too serious. She played through her new songs, each one being captivating and familiar-yet-new.

The crowd would not stop applauding her performance; she was excellent. She came back and sang "This Must Be the Place," a song originally done by the Talking heads and covered by Shawn Colvin.