Gillian Welch 8-24-2001

Dearest whiskey-girls, Sorry for the rude msg. earlier about being at the Nashville show and not going to tell you, but I was going to meet a friend and didn't want to be too concise about the show. First of all, it was sold out, tho there were a couple empty seats. They started off late (few minutes) and started off with a slowish version of "I Want to sing that Rock and Roll." Good old slow Dave and Gill!! They wrote out a short set list but kept on joking that they would have to end their set very soon, because it was a short set list. They also said that they were becoming very predictable and that this show was going to be different. highlights: one more dollar acony bell ruination day my first lover (heard on Nashville's 93.7 phoenix this morning) wichita winter's come & gone dear someone red clay halo (end of first set) time('s the revelator) (first song of second set after 25 min. intermission) rock of ages by the mark elvis presley blues every thing is free (which they noted was first played in Nashville at an obscure, unannounced show at The Settler) orphan girl - one of the encore songs caleb meyer - they played that song last w/out their usual "we're going to leave you with a killing song" joke dave banged his guitar against the microphone while playing his guitar. One of his most spirited shows. Also one of his most sloppy shows...lots of mistakes. this was a different show, esp. for Nashville, because they usually play in the crowded station inn with the bar off to the right. This was a slight upgrade for the venue. You could tell the audience was tense and so were they. just didn't know what to expect, you know? on a personal note, there was this lady sitting behind me clapping and shouting to every song (no one else was doing the same as her). It was so annoying!!! I can understand if she was excited seeing them, but I couldn't fully enjoy it myself. But that's OK, this was my eleventh time seeing them. They never get tired or old, but their new songs aren't as distinct or unique as their old ones and I want to sing that rock and roll has a few tricks/chords/whatever that have been taken from some of their previous songs, that make it seem catchy, but tired & old. sorry!! and that is all I remember. I was tired. allison in nashville, whiskey-girl