Don't Tell Anybody It's Virginia Leigh

Edgy-pop-piano-girl music is in now, and Ginny Owens grabs hold of the
opportunity with enthusiasm. She describes her type of music as "happy
girl folk" and kind of sounds like Jaci Velasquez with a touch of Cheri
Keaggy. Most of her songs are pop, but there are a couple folkish type
songs, like "Land of Grey" and "Symbol of a Lost Cause." If you don't
know anything about Owens, it is interesting to note that she is blind,
from Mississippi, a graduate of Belmont University, and that she played
at Nashville's 1999 Lilith Fair date.

"Free" is the first single from her debut, Without Condition. The
song has a nice melody, but the producer includes too much of these
"motorcycle" sound bytes that he recorded with Ginny. "Free" seems like
a test to see just how people will respond to Ginny Owens, given a little
taste of her music. Watch out if they release "If You Want Me To", the
killer ballad of the album. This Sarah-McLachlan-ish tune will be huge.

Although "I Am Nothing" is based on I Corinthians 13 and I John 4, and
tries to take on a new twist giving new perspective, it is cliche-ridden
and the album's weak spot.

A delightful point of interest is the song "Symbol of a Lost Cause." It
sounds like Tom Petty meets Fiona Apple. If you think that is
impossible, she does this very subtly which makes it seem more

Several sweet moments are on her debut including the songs "Someone
Searching," "Own Me", "Springs of Life" and "Without Condition." Michael
W. Smith admits that the title cut brought tears to his eyes when he saw
Ginny performing it live in concert.

So the artist says, "I was born Virginia Leigh Owens (don't tell anyone
that's my real name)."

So don't you tell anybody. Just tell them how good her music is.

-Allison McCulloch