Thanks for dropping by! Here is a list of Christian music articles I have written for HYPE (an E-Zine on the Internet) and for my homepage. Since I keep adding articles, I hope you'll come back to read some more. E-mail me for comments, or suggestions for who I should write about.

  • All Star United

  • Angie & Debbie

  • Bob Carlisle

  • Ashley Cleveland

  • Bruce Cockburn

  • Chris Eaton

  • Wes King

  • Mindy's Revenge

  • Ginny Owens

  • Leslie Phillips

  • Michelle Tumes

  • Jaci Velasquez

  • Gillian Welch & David Rawlings in Concert This is not a Christian artist, but bluegrass folks that sing gospel songs sometimes.

  • Wilshire

    Specials that do not focus on one particular artist:

  • Guys in CCM
    A comprehensive look at what guys in the Christian music industry are doing!
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