Jaci Velasquez:
The Girl With a Voice

Let me introduce a giggly teen that has the same producer as dc Talk (Mark Heimermann) and an album (A Heavenly Place) that will knock the socks off your feet. She's eighteen, won the Dove for New Artist of the Year in 1997, and has attained the voice that not many singers have.

Jaci Velasquez says that she has always known what she has wanted to do with her life-sing. So she has pursued her dream ever since she was ten years old. She prayed for a chance to sing at the White House before she turned thirteen and God granted her wish. She started recording her debut on her sixteenth birthday-October 15, 1995.

While mainly focusing her attention on delivering her songs, she did co-write one of the songs on her album: "I Promise" which shares the message of abstinence. She had several brilliant songwriters on her project including Wayne Kirkpatrick, Michelle Tumes, and Chris Eaton.

#1 Singles: "If This World," "Flower in the Rain," "Un Lugar Celestial," "On My Knees," and "We Can Make a Difference."


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