Michelle Tumes:
Wind of Passion

Now you know who to blame! It was Michelle Tumes who co-wrote "If This World." the infamous #1 debut-single by Jaci Velasquez, played all over Christian radio.

She started learning classical piano when she was just a young, four year-old girl in Adelaide, Australia. Her piano teacher taught her to develop creativity and style in her playing right away.

"Please Come Back" is her first single in which she takes the father of the prodigal son's point of view. "I can't breathe / It's agony / Wondering where you are..." [1]

"Listen" is a light, jumpy track. "Rhythm resounding for a million years / Timeless impression for all to hear." [2]

"He's Watching Over You" is the last track and states: "As you weep the tears of sorrow / And you find hope for tomorrow / He's watching over you, over you." [3]

Interesting Facts:

  • She sounds like Rebecca St. James meets Enya.
  • She has a weird obsession with Sting.
  • She has lived in Malaysia, where her father was the headmaster for a missionary school.
  • She pursued a career in dentistry, but found it to be more tiresome than she expected.
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    David's Review

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    [3]"He's Watching Over You" °Written by Michelle Tumes
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