by Allison McCulloch

Sam Phillips, the sequel to the life of Leslie

When Leslie Phillips released her last Christian album, The Turning, in 1987, it symbolized her turning from the Christian music industry (not God or Jesus, mind you). So when one of the new cuts from her 000 compilation was entitled "The Disappearing Act", fans got scared. Was Sam going to disappear for good?

The answer is no! Sam is currently working on an album (according to Tom Willet). Who knows when it will see the light of day and whether it will be an indie project or on a label. But she is working on something.

Quoted as a "lover of Christ" and a "born-again Christian," no Sam is not anti-Christian and is saved. If you have heard strange rumors that conflict what I just said, tell me and I will try to counteract them by what I have heard. There's some pretty weird things being said about Sam. But enough about Mrs. Burnett's spiritual state. On to a review of 000.

The 2nd collection

Recollection, released by Sam as Leslie included several of her hits, one new song, one remix, and three different versions of her hits off of Black and White and a Grey World. On Zero, Zero, Zero, Sam gives us two new (but short) cuts, several remixes and alternate mixes, and a totally different version of "Holding On to the Earth." "I Need Love" and "Strawberry Road" thankfully remain the same, while "Flame" and "Where the Colors Don't Go" shine even better in the remixes.

However the remix of "Fighting With Fire" has an annoying echo effect. The new version of "Holding on to the Earth" doesn't impress me much, because its style is too reminiscent of both the The Turning and Omnipop sound. But hey, some people think that's good.

The sticker on the front of the CD reads "Zero Zero Zero, featuring a collection of near and not so near hits." The not so near hits include "Hole in Time" and "Signposts", songs Phillips both dedicated to one of her favorite authors, Walker Percy.

The 000 version of "Lying" is supposed to be an alternate mix, but sounds no different from the original. The original versions of "Cruel Inventions", "Black Sky", and "Animals on Wheels" are on this collection, though.

There is a track called "Ribot Tripping Over Gravity." It is instrumental and is very close to the sound of the "Skeleton" cut featured on Omnipop, only it is longer and features different instrumentation.

If you haven't heard the "hits" (and "not so near hits") of Zero, Zero, Zero, you might be impressed or weirded out or both. But if you are a fan of Sam's and have heard these songs previously, it isn't worth $15. But you might think it is worth it if you're a Sam completist or really, really like The Turning and Omnipop.

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