Wes King: Everything That Happens

It all began when Mitch King sat down to teach his little brother, Wes, the guitar. Two years later, Wes wrote his first song ... for a girl he liked. He grew up in Georgia, but moved to Nashville, Tennessee, with persuasion from a close friend, Kim Hill. He played for many youth groups, just because music was something he enjoyed. He never took it seriously, but soon ended up with a record contact.

Wes soon met Fran, his wife to be, at "The Loft," a special performance at Riverstone Farm (home of Amy Grant and Gary Chapman) that was led by many Christian artists and teachers, for the Tennessee youth. They married after conquering a rocky courtship and experienced a catastrophichoneymoon in Hawaii. "It was romantic ... for a day," says Wes. Then a hurricane met them and stayed with them for the rest of their trip. Wes explains, "It was the loudest thing I've ever heard. You know how sometimes airplanes are? It was louder than that. It sounded like some giant was just pounding on the door."

Now years later, Wes remarks, "Everything that happens to you and me has a meaning. You are a story: a beautiful story with much meaning." A radical change has taken place with Wes' new album, A Room Full of Stories. This album is filled with stories. He compares his new style with the way that Jesus taught. "He told stories. The people listening not only got the lesson that was being taught, they saw themselves in that story."

This album is full of wonderful stories and aggressive guitar work. It will leave you will the knowledge that God has a brilliant plan for your life.

Just the Facts

Full name: Wesley Ivan King
Birth Date: January 20, 1966
Favorite Bible verse: Romans 8:1
Favorite Bible character: Peter
Grew up listening to: Amy Grant, Keith Green, Mark Heard
Best advice you've been given: Pay attention.
Advice on writing songs: If you aren't living and reading, you have nothing to draw from.


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