77 Defining Songs in Christian Music

Whether the song is blatant or powerful or just popular, these songs have shaped or defined CCM.

Carolyn Arends
- Love is Always There
Susan Ashton
        - Ball and Chain        - Body and Soul
Audio Adrenaline
        - Big House
Margaret Becker
        -I commit       -This I Know    - Keep My Mind
Lisa Bevill
        - No Condemnation
Brent Bourgeois
        -One Love       -Restored
Caedmon's Call
        - Lead of Love
Bob Carlisle
        -Butterfly Kisses
Gary Chapman
        - Sweet Glow of Mercy
Steven Curtis Chapman
        - More To This Life     - The Great Adventure   - Lord of
the Dance
Ashley Cleveland
        - He Is
Considering Lily
        - Cup
Clay Crosse
        - Midnight Cry  - His Love is Strong            - He
Walked a Mile
Dakoda Motor Co.
        -Stand Up
dc Talk
        - Jesus Freak
Bryan Duncan
        - Form of Man
Chris Eaton
        -It Was Love    - Everlasting Love
Miss Amy Grant
        -Hopes Set High - What Kind of Love     -Doubly Good to
You     -Somewhere Down the Road
Mark Heard
        - Strong Hand of Love
Kim Hill
        - Secret Place  -Mysterious Ways
Jars of Clay
Cheri Keaggy
        -Open My Heart  - In Remembrance        -You Oh Lord, Are
My Refuge
- We Have Come to Worship Him/There is Joy in the Lord
Wes King
        - I Believe     -Remember
Crystal Lewis
        -People Get Ready (Jesus is Coming)
Cindy Morgan
        - I Will Be Free        -I'll Stand
Rich Mullins
        -Awesome God    - Creed -Sometimes By Step      -Hold
Me Jesus
        - Take Me To Your Leader
Erin O'Donnell
        -No Better Place
Out of the Grey
        - If I Know You -Steady Me
Twila Paris
        -Lamb of God    - God is In Control
        - Grace of God
Leslie Phillips
        - Your Kindness - Not By Might  - Strength of My
Life    -Libera Me
Point of Grace
        -Jesus Will Still Be There      -The Great Divide
Chris Rice
        - Deep Enough to Dream
Serene & Pearl
        - Thief in the Night
Michael W. Smith
        - The Throne    -Friends        -Straight to the
Heart   -Secret Ambition
Rebecca St. James
Randy Stonehill
        - I Turn to You
Russ Taff
        - I Cry - Here I Am
Kathy Troccoli
        - My Life is in Your Hands      -Hard Days      -
Hallelujahs     -Go Light Your World    -Mission of Love
Jaci Velasquez
        - If This World

And that is 76 songs.

77th song=?? I intentionally didn't include the last one, because I'm
sure I forgot an obvious one. Right?