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CCM Discussion List - Vol. II, No. 26

"When I cross over, I will shout and sing...I will know
my Savior, by the mark where the nails have been."
-Gillian Welch, David Rawlings
In this issue: •Notes of All Sorts •Top This! •Top Artist Feature: Twila Paris •Christian Music on Television •Watermark The Electrics •New Releases •Responses to TELL ME •TELL ME •What is Wrong (again)

Notes of All Sorts

July's Prayer Artist is: Considering Lily.

The Gospel Music Association is trying to define Christian music as we know it (http://www.ccmcom.com/ccmupdate/98_07_06/news.html).

M.C. Hammer appeared at the Cornerstone festival.

NEWS BRIEF (provided by Rebekah): Gary Miller, bass player of All Star United, left the band about two months ago. He left to go back to college and might start a new band. So keep your eyes open! More news on him to follow...

Top This! [as of 7/13/98]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Wayne Watson/"Here in This Town" | Week 1
#1 CHR Single -- Jars of Clay/"Fade to Grey" | Week 1
#1 Inspirational Single -- Jaci Velasquez/"God So Loved"| Week 1

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- STEP UP TO THE MICROPHONE, Newsboys | Week 1
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE: Inspirational Songs, LeAnn Rimes | Week 41

Information from (www.ccmcom.com)

Top Artist Feature:
Twila Paris

When you think of hymnwriters, names like Fanny Crosby, John Wesley, and Twila Paris come to mind. So many of Twila Paris' songs have been sung in churches across the world, like: "He is Exalted," "Lamb of God," "Faithful Men," and "We Will Glorify."

Twila's latest album, PERENNIAL is actually a whole collection of hymns.

Twila Paris' favorite Bible verse:
Romans 11:36 - "For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to whom be glory forever. Amen." (KJV)


Christian Music on Television (from http://www.chordant.com/news/tube.htm)

Sat July 18 / CeCe Winans -     Goodwill Games Opening Ceremony on TBS
Sun July 26 / Sierra -          CeCe's Place
Mon July 27 / Avalon-           Profiles In Praise
Sun Aug 16 /  Michelle Tumes-   CeCe's Place
Sun Aug 16 /  Avalon-           CeCe's Place
Sun Aug 23/   Margaret Becker-  CeCe's Place
Sun Aug 23 /  Newsboys-         Studio 828
fall  /       CeCe Winans-      Performance @ White House on PBS
Sun Sept 6 /  Sierra-           CeCe's Place
Mon Sept 7   /Avalon-           Home Life TV
Mon Sep 14  / Twila Paris-      Home Life TV
Sun Sep 20   /Margaret Becker-  Studio 828
Mon Oct 12   /Margaret Becker-  The 700 Club

*CeCe's Place airs on Odyssey Sundays at 5 pm and re-airs Tuesday at 8 pm and 11 pm (CT)

*Life Today airs on 150 stations nationwide including Odyssey, TBN, Vision, INSP and FamilyNet

*Home Life TV airs at 5 pm (CT) on Odyssey and on ACTS and FamilyNet Studio 828 airs on FamilyNet/ACTS and INSP networks


Just when you thought no more husband and wife duos would appear, Watermark surfaced. They are a new group on the Rocketown label and will tour with Point of Grace beginning this August 4th. They have also written "Who Am I," one of the songs on Point of Grace's new album, STEADY ON.

The Electrics

Has anyone heard of the Electrics? I think they played/[are] playing Creation this year. They are a Scottish band, celtic rock sound, 5 guys, Sammie Horner is the lead singer/bass player. They signed to an American record label, doing a big USA summer tour this year.

[Has] anyone heard of them? If you want to know more please let me know.


New Releases


Burlap To Cashmere, self-titled, Squint
Bob Carlisle, Stories From The Heart, Diadem
Ashley Cleveland, You Are There, 204 Records/Cadence
D.C.P., The Last Saint, Phat Boy
DC Talk, Supernatural, ForeFront
Bryan Duncan, untitled, Myrrh
The Insyderz, Fight Of My Life, KMG
Phil Keaggy, self-titled, Myrrh
Mukala, untitled, Essential
Chris Rice, untitled, Rocketown
Watermark, untitled, Rocketown

Michael W. Smith, Christmas, Reunion
Kathy Troccoli, Corner of Eden, Reunion

Responses to TELL ME

A. What CDs have you bought for one song? Was it worth it?
[contributed by Christine]

(Chris M.) I bought 4Him's "The Ride" for the song "For Future Generations." Yes, it was worth it!

(Christina S.) I recently picked up Church of Rhythm's new one, merely for "Not Perfect" and I didn't realize how great the rest of the album would be. Also, Switchfoot (who I didn't even like at first). I liked "Chem 6A" and the rest grew on me REAL quick though. I bought SCC's "Signs of Life" just for the title tract, and, of course, loved the whole thing


Where Do I Go~Songs From the Loft~Various (definitely yes!!:)
Maybe Tomorrow~ and this is how I feel~Nouveaux (Yes)
You Move Me~Distant Call~Susan Ashton (Good One)
Lead Me On~s/t~Amy Grant (So so)
Consuming Fire~s/t~Third Day (Yummy)
He Is~s/t~Aaron*Jeffrey (Oh yeah)
I See You~World best Remember Vol.1~Rich Mullins (YES!!)
Get to Heaven~The Electrics ( VERY FUN!!!:)

Breath of Heaven~Home for Christmas~Amy Grant (the only good song on
Snake in the Grass~Testimony~Kim Hill (blah)
Great Lengths-s/t~PFR(the rest was okay)
Crazy Stories-s/t~Serene and Pearl (hated the rest of it)
Cup~Considering Lily (hated this one too.)
Rose-Colored Stained Glass Windows~Petra tribute~Jars (the rest wasn't
so good)

(Chris U.)
Scott Krippayne, More..."No More Pretending"...no it wasn't
John Elefante', Corridors..."Not Just Any Other Day"...no it wasn't
Jonathan Pierce, Mission..."Praise the Lord"...definitely
Chris Rice, Deep Enough to Dream..."Clumsy"...definitely
Wilshire, Wilshire..."Closer Still"...definitely

(daybyday) I got Savage Garden for Truly, Madly Deeply.

(Ginger) I heard "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" one day, and as soon as I
could, I bought Matt Redman's - Friendship and the Fear; and it was
definitely worth it.

(Rebekah) All Star United... for "Bright Red Carpet" and "Savior of my
Universe." Heard those songs on a sampler before their album came out.  
The first week it was out, I bought the album and LOVED it!

(Sutton) Jennifer Knapp's "Kansas" for Undo Me; I don't know yet.
The Kry's "What About Now" for Paradise; not really, I just listen to
the [one] song. Danielson's "Danielson Family" for Smooth Death; Definitely.
B. Who is your favorite artist that would be listed under the letter: D ?

DC Talk (Rebekah, daybyday, Christine)
Deliriou5? (Christina S., Ginger, Christine)
Dente, Christine (Chris M., Chris U.)
Denson, Al (Chris U.)
Dingees (Christina S., Chris U.)
Duncan, Bryan (Chris U.)

Phillips, Craig and "D"ean (Chris U.)
Fleming and John (for Delusions of Grandeur...) (Sutton)


A. Who is...?
-Janet Heard            -David Mullen
-Serene Allison         -John Styll
B. Do you think the Gospel Music Association should try to define Christian music?
This is Wrong!


[ Ralph Van Manen is a songwriter from Florida, who has written songs for people like Jaci Velasquez and Avalon. He even has an album of his own. ]

No one guessed? What if I give you Ralph Van Manen's URL: http://www.oneway.nl/ralph/def.htm

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