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CCM Discussion List - Vol. II, No. 40

"(Light in the sky, breath of our life) Unite the rainbow,
Lord please make us one" -Cindy Morgan (Exodus)
In this issue: Notes of All Sorts Top This! Awesome God, Tribute Information Bronleewee & Imbruglia Collaborate Responses to TELL ME TELL ME

Notes of All Sorts

Thanks to Ginger for the quote! Does anybody else have a quote? Reply to this message and TELL ME!!

Burlap to Cashmere's ANYBODY OUT THERE will be released on Squint, October 20. They've been touring with Jars of Clay and I've been hearing NOTHING but GOOD THINGS about them!!

There is supposed to be an upcoming "Touched by an Angel" soundtrack CD with tracks by Amy Grant and Jaci Velasquez.

Top This! [as of 10/19/98]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Jaci Velasquez / "Glory" | Week 2
#1 CHR Single -- Jars of Clay/"Overjoyed" | Week 2
#1 Inspirational Single -- Kim Hill/"Just As I Am"| Week 3

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- SUPERNATURAL, DC Talk* | Week #3
(THE JESUS RECORD is a the #7 position--dropping)

#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album - NU NATION PROJECT, Kirk Franklin | Week #2

Information from (www.ccmcom.com)

*DC Talk is on the cover of CCM Magazine's October 1998 issue.

Awesome God, Tribute Information

Michael W. Smith/"Awesome God" Smitty sings the most famous Mullins song and the title of the tribute record.

The release date is November 11, 1998 and if you want an incredible deal, go to www.betterbookroom.com and get the CD for $13.58 or the cassette for $8.77 And if you're really in a Rich-Mullins-ish mood, order his friend's Mitch McVicker's self-titled release while you're there.

Gary Chapman/"Elijah" I have heard this! Gary Chapman has made a Rich Mullins song fit into the country genre nicely. It's emotional, but Gary Chapman doesn't get carried off with his emotion, so the song sounds nice.

Amy Grant/"Hold Me, Jesus"
Carolyn Arends/"Jacob and 2 Women"
Ashley Cleveland/"I See You"
Billy Crocket/"Verge of a Miracle"
Jars of Clay/"If I Stand"
Kevin Max of DC Talk/"Save Me"
Caedmon's Call/"Step by Step"
Chris Rice/"Calling Out Your Name"
Billy Sprague/"A Place to Stand"
Third Day/"Creed"

Bronleewee & Imbruglia Collaborate

"Smoke" on Natalie Imbruglia's LEFT IN THE MIDDLE album was co-written and produced by former Jars of Clay member, Matt Bronleewee. "Impressed" was also produced by Bronleewee and Imbruglia thanks him in her credits. Natalie Imbruglia's music is secular pop/rock; most of the songs on the album are good, but some tracks disagree with the Christian worldview like "Torn" and "Wishing I Was There."

Responses to TELL ME

A. Do it matter to you if a Christian song is in a major or minor key?

(Christina S.) Nope, if the song is good, the song is good.

(Lucent) No!

(Susie) Nope!

(Sutton) Only if the styles clash. (i.e. a bright and cheerful song in a minor key, and vice versa)

B. What is the most vivid song lyric you have come across?

(Christina S.) "I believe that Jesus died, so that we could have eternal life, not only beyond the grave, but eternity today" from "The In Betweens" by GMD... I LOVE that quote, I have it written all over all my stuff so anyone can see it cause it's so incredibly blunt :-) [also...] "I think I drove by you just yesterday, I think you were wearing the same thing you are today" from "Everybody Needs Love" by Seven Day Jesus

(Lucent) This lyric is from the group Lucent from the song Cast out the devil. "I am the Christian, You are the Demon! "Cast you out", by the blood, I'm screaming!

(SuperEliz) "Dear father, I need you, your strength my heart to mend. I want to, fly higher, every new again."-Five Iron Frenzy

(Susie) The song "Sacrifice" by the Insyderz has pretty vivid lyrics.


A. Tell me the most weird CCM-related story you have.

B. What is the least popular (Christian) artist that you like, that you think few people have heard of?

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