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CCM Discussion List - Vol. II, No. 48

"Oh God, You are my God, and I will ever praise You." -Beaker
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Notes of All Sorts

That's right, Beaker, also known as David Strasser wrote the chorus to the famous "Step By Step" and not Rich Mullins.

Don't forget to pray for Wilshire, December's prayer artist of the month!

Go to and vote for your favorites! January 15th is the deadline.

Send in your favorite quotes by any Christian artist!

There is no TOP THIS this week, because I think CCM is taking a break, because this week, most stations played mostly Christmas music.

Member Profile: Murky
Age: 21

How long have you been listening to CCM?
Since 1991

Hobbies: listening to music, running, dj-ing

Listens to secular music: 50%, Christian music: 50%

What do you listen to?
alternative, indie, modern rock, pop, rock, ska, techno

Favorite artist: DC Talk

Other artists you listen to?
Plankeye, MXPX, U2

Favorite song: "Everybody Hurts" by REM

Favorite album: "Spark" by Plankeye

Favorite producer: Gene Eugene

Best concert: DC Talk and All Star United

How did you get into CCM?
Through my sister buying my brother some dc talk tapes like years ago.

What do you like best about CCM?
It is quite personal [because] it is talking about your experience - having your life changed by God- pretty amazing!

March Releases!

Carolyn Arends, This Much I Know, Reunion (title changed from COMING & GOING)
Avalon, In A Different Light, Sparrow
Helen Baylor, Helen Baylor Live, Verity
Joe Beck, Canvas, Wright
Believable Picnic, Welcome To The Future, Absolute
Scott Blackwell, In The Beginning, KMG
Lenny LeBlanc, Above All, Hosanna, March

Responses To TELL ME

A. I'm contemplating making CCM DL an every-other-week thing...Are you in favor of the change, or not?

(Chris M.) I would miss them, but I don't want you to be overworked.

(Christina S.) Sure, actually that sound like a cool idea

(DayDay) I look forward to receiving the CCM DL weekly, and think that getting one every other week would be too long for me...or at least that's my opinion.

[Note: I will probably end up sending the CCM DL every other week unless news is just bountiful, so it won't pile up. Thanks for all of your responses.]

B. Is Jeni Varnadeau's new album better than her last? Or not?

(Chris M.) I don't listen to her, should I? [NOTE: She's very alternative. She's not the greatest, but you might want to check her out if you like music that's "different."]

(Allison) A reviewer in CCM said she still hadn't decided on a genre yet, but I feel this one was much more mature. I liked it, especially the song "Mercy."

C. Is Jaci Velasquez's new album better than her last? Or not?

(Chris M.) More mature lyrics, less catchy tunes.

(Christina S.) I liked her first one a lot


I'm making a top-ten list for the new year. What do you feel were the top things, in the appropriate categories?

A. Top-Ten Songs of '98

B. Top-Ten Albums of '98

C. Top-Ten Best Things that happened in '98

D. Top-Ten Disappointments of '98

I have ideas, and was going to post them before the new year. But I did not want to leave your opinions out!!

And finally, since the "TELL ME" ideas will really be part of the main feature, here is another one.

E. Do you feel that Christians should not examine other Christian people's music, because it might be called judging? What do you feel is the difference between examining an artist for the music they put out and judging them?

What is Wrong?

(We haven't done this in awhile! Just hit reply if you know what is wrong with this statement.)

Everybody just seems to love "The Cartoon Song" by Steven Curtis Chapman.

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