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CCM Discussion List - Vol. II, No. 5

"You try to climb a broken ladder, grip the missing rungs
and fall down, down,down, down." Jars of Clay

In this issue: •Notes of All Sorts •Cadence Highlight •TELL ME/First (Annual) CCM DL Contest! •What is Wrong?

Notes of All Sorts

Thanks to Ginger for the awesome quote from Jars of Clay!

Don't forget to mention Crystal Lewis sometime during the remainder of February in your prayers. She is CCM DL's prayer artist of this month and will be releasing a new album, GOLD, soon.

Cadence Highlight

Our dear friend, Erin O'Donnell, was the first well-known artist to be discovered through the Internet. She was signed to Cadence Communications, home of Israel, Shaded Red, and Chris Eaton. http://www.cadenceworld.com is their website! Don't forget to stop by sometime.

TELL ME/First (Annual) CCM DL Contest

Tell Me all of the answers. Go to: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Metro/3720/ultimate_ccm_test.html

Whoever receives the highest score (over 50%) on this new CCM test that I have designed, by April 1, 1998, will receive a brand-new, cool album. I'll give you more than a few choices. How about that?

You still have time to answer this week's TELL ME questions:

A. What would you make for dinner if you found out that Susan Ashton and Lori Wilshire (of the new Rocketown-label group Wilshire) were coming?

B. Guess which will win the song of the year.

"A Baby's Prayer"/Kathy Troccoli, 
"Free"/Steven Curtis Chapman, 
"He Walked A Mile"/Clay Crosse, 
"Hope To Carry On" written by Rich Mullins performed by Caedmon's Call, 
"Let Us Pray"/Steven Curtis Chapman, 
"Live The Life"/Michael W. Smith, 
"On My Knees"/Jaci Velasquez, 
"People Get Ready... Jesus Is Comin'" Crystal Lewis, 
"Shout To The Lord" and "Stomp."   

What is Wrong?

I was glad to hear Trisha Yearwood perform "How Do I Live" on the Grammys and even more glad to see LeAnn Rimes receive the Grammy for the performance of the song.

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