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CCM Discussion List - Vol. II, No. 6

"If there is only one God, why do we serve so many?
If there is only one law, why do we live like there aren't any?"
"Let Go" by PFR (Pray For Rain back then)
In this issue: •Notes of All Sorts •Top This! •Prayer Artist of March •Rich Mullins •Cruel Inventions Essay •HTML people? •Responses to TELL ME •TELL ME •What is Wrong?

Notes of All Sorts

Thanks for the PFR quote from Christina, who says that she has been considering getting LeAnn's new album lately. Don't give in! (Just kidding)

DAVID "BENJAMIN" ARENDS was born on February 26th, his mother Carolyn's birthday. To quote Joan Slonecker, "he has blondish light brown hair, deep blue eyes, is 21" long and weighs 9 pounds 5 ounces." Congratulations to Carolyn and her husband, Mark Arends! This is their first baby.

REMINDER: is the URL for the CCM DL Test. Whoever receives the highest score on this new CCM test by April 1 will receive a brand-new, cool album. Thanks to Angie, Kirsten, Christina & Ginger: four wonderful people who took the test so far! Your answers were very, very good.

Re: REMIXES [SuperEliz] In my opinion, all remixes are awful. It makes me sad that people don't think that the original song is good enough. I hate the LeAnn remix. Which brings up the whole subject of disco remixes. Now that is disgraceful!

Top This! [as of 3/2/98]

#1 Adult Contemporary single -- Avalon / "Testify To Love" | Week 5
#1 CHR single -- Jars of Clay/"You Were There (Five Candles)" | Week 2
#1 Inspirational single -- Steve Green/Unto Me"| Week 2

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- MISSION 3:16, Carman |Week #4
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE: Inspirational Songs, LeAnn Rimes | Week #24

Everything's the same as last week. At least we keep things different here at CCM DL! 24 Weeks LeAnn! Several of you predicted she'd only stay until 25 weeks. Let's see if you're right

Prayer Artist of March

~Chris Rice~

He doesn't especially need prayer for a certain thing. You might want to pray that he stays humble. He had a bunch of Dove Nominations and this is only his first year. But humility is one of his traits, so that probabaly will not be a problem.

Rich Mullins

The best place to buy Rich Mullins' recordings is the Better Book Room, located in Kansas and on the web.

What is causing the delay for Michael W. Smith's LIVE THE LIFE: There was just one more song he wanted on his album: "Song For Rich." It's Irish and instrumental, so guess who he wrote it for.

Steve Stockman's page ( is insightful and includes information on the new Rich Mullins project. Brian William's Rich Mullins page now hosts a chat room.

Cruel Inventions Essay

If you want to read the best, longest essay on the history of Christian music ever, go to: and read from Genesis to Revelation. It's wonderful. (I'm probably biased, since they mostly talk about Amy Grant and Sam Phillips)

HTML people?

If there are people out there who are familiar with HTML and would like to help me with the CCM DL website, you would be very welcome to help me with it. I have all of the CCM DL's on hard-drive, but I would like them to be available in HTML form right away. I always get around to it, but it takes so long for me.

If anyone would like to help me put the issues up, tell me and I will discuss this with you further.

Responses to TELL ME

A. What would you make for dinner if you found out that Susan Ashton and Lori Wilshire (of the new Rocketown-label group Wilshire) were coming?

(Ginger) I would probably cook something Italian; I love Italian food!
(Rebekah) Probably some Italian dish
(day by day) I would probably make...PIZZA!
(Wolfman) Papa John's pizza...No way would I let them eat at the dining hall!
(Christina S.) Maybe three cheese lasagna?
(Allison) Maybe Spaghetti & Meatballs and cookies for dessert.

(Kirsten) Wendy's, if the budget allowed. (Okay, j4/k...)
(Susie) Probably macaroni and cheese, since that's the only dinner-type dish that I can make well!
(Sutton) My mother's meatloaf (Hey, she makes good meatloaf...)
(Ska Rocker) Okay in the first place I wouldn't know who invited them over and wouldn't let them in.

B. Guess which will win the song of the year.

"Hope to Carry On" - Caedmon's Call (Kirsten)
"Let Us Pray" - Steven Curtis Chapman (Christina S., day by day, Sutton)
"He Walked A Mile" - Clay Crosse (Allison)
"Stomp" - Kirk Franklin (Wolfman, Rebekah, Ska Rocker)
"People Get Ready (Jesus is Comin')" - Crystal Lewis (Ska Rocker, Ginger)
"Live the Life" - Michael W. Smith (Chitlins' 2, Rebekah)
"On My Knees" - Jaci Velasquez

Wouldn't mind or would personally go with "Hope to Carry On" (Wolfman, Angie, Rebekah, Ginger)

Thinks Steven Curtis Chapman will win, regardless (Angie, Wolfman)

This is Wrong!

[ I was glad to hear Trisha Yearwood perform "How Do I Live" on the Grammys and even more glad to see LeAnn Rimes receive the Grammy for the performance of the song. ]

Ska Rocker, Kirsten, Christina S., and Rebekah all say, "Wrong! It's the opposite." True, LeAnn performed the song and Trisha received the Grammy award. I finally got to hear a little clip of Trisha singing it and though I am glad the Diane-Warren-penned song got recognition, I feel sorry for LeAnn who was probably expecting getting the Grammy herself.

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