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Amy B.
Bright Eyes
Tobias Fritz

Amy B.

Has been listening to Christian music since: 1988

Listens to: 20% secular and 80%
Types of music she likes include adult contemporary, alternative, gospel, techno

Favorite artist: Crystal Lewis
Other artists she listens to: JOC, Sixpence, Newsboys

Favorite song: "All of the way My Saviour Leads Me" by Rich Mullins

How did you get into Christian music?
I'm actually a recording artist myself. I've worked with a producer from Word a few times this year.

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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes (also known as Carey Atherton), 22
She has listened to CCM since: 1985

Secular percentage: 10% / Christian percentage: 90%

Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, e-mail, spreadin' the Word
Goals: To move near Nashville and pursue a career in the Christian music ministry

Styles of music she listens to include: adult contemporary/pop, alternative, country, folk, gospel, heavy metal, oldies, praise & worship, rock, and southern gospel

Favorite artist: tie between Jars of Clay & RichMullins

How did you get into CCM?
Well, my parents had always listened to artists like Amy Grant, MWS, and Sandi Patty. I had heard of SCC and dcTalk through a friend at church (thanks, Chris!), but I never truly got into it until I heard Jars of Clay. I fell in love with their music. The next fall, I had the privilege of seeing the kry with Jamie Slocum in concert. That blew me away! It was like nothing I'd ever seen, even without a bunch of lights and things! Ever since then, I have experienced this growing, overwhelming *hunger* for Christian music! I thrive on it; it fills my soul like nothing on mainstream radio can. Now, I barely ever listen to mainstream radio. I love CCM...ALL kinds.

What do you like best about Christian music?
Mainstream music is great, but it lacks that one indescribable quality that CCM has. Mainstream music can break you down or build you up. CCM *only* builds your soul! I also disagree with those who say Christian artists follow whatever is popular in mainstream. The way I see it, Christian artists are the most creatively unique artists out there, if for no other reason that they're singing about their faith and not just troubles and love.

Perfect Band: I could never answer this question adequately! I'd include all of the Jar men, Rich Mullins (playing whatever instrument he felt like playing at the moment *g*), The Ragamuffins, Smitty, all of dcTalk including the stage band, Jennifer Knapp, SCC, Crystal+Lewis, Scott Dente, all of Sixpence and PfR...I could go on and on and...

Favorite Links:,,, Prodigy's Christian Music Oasis,,, The International Lyrics Server:, WCVK Christian Family Radio: Other artists she listens to: SCC, dcT, Jennifer Knapp, the kry, Crystal+Lewis, PfR, Sixpence NTR, MWS, and many more! Favorite song: Tie between Jars of Clay's "Worlds Apart," or Rich Mullins' "Sometimes By Step." Favorite producer: Brown Bannister

Tobias Fritz
(profile appeared in 5/10/99 issue)

Has been listening to Christian music since: 1995
Listens to: 5% Secular, 95% Christian music

Age: 17 (Birthday: November 22)
Hobbies: Music, reading, hanging out with friends, squash, hockey
Goals: To become whatever God wants me to! But my wishes are to either set up a cool Christian music shop here in Germany or to study physics (I know these are two completely different wishes, but anyway...)

Likes to hear: alternative, heavy metal, indie, (modern) rock, ska

Favorite artist: King's X
Other artists you listen to: e.g., Switchfoot, Starflyer 59, Galactic Cowboys, MxPx, Grammatrain, Sixpence, Poor old lu, Dc Talk,...

Favorite song: "Pain" by Grammatrain

Favorite album: Dogman by King's X

Best artist in concert: King's X

How did you get into CCM?
After I was baptized my mother took me to this little christian bookstore in our town and there I bought my first Christian CD "High Gear" by Whitecross! This was the beginning of a great love...

Perfect Band:
- Vocals: Pete Stewart, 
- Guitar 1: Jason Martin, 
- Guitar 2: Wally Farkas
- Bass Guitar: Doug Pinnick, 
- Drums: Ted Kirkpatrick
- Lyrics by Mike Herrera, Matt Slocum, Jonathan Foreman and Steve Taylor
Addt'l comments: All statements that I made change from day to day! I think, each band has an original style and it's hard to say one is the best! It's great God gave us the gift of music!!!