The Answers to the Test

  1. What does GMA stand for?
Gospel Music Association

2. What does CCM stand for?
Contemporary Christian Music

3. What is Christine Dentè's maiden name? (-Swarr -Swenson -Swyll)

4. What is Scott Dentè's middle name? (-Vernon -Victor -Vincent)

5. What is Billy Sprague's middle name?

6. What is Carman's last name? 2pts. extra for correct spelling.

7. What does the "W" stand for in Michael W. Smith? 
(-Wayne -Whitaker -Wilheim)

8. What is Clay Crosse's full, real name?
Walter Clayton Crossnoe

9. What is the name of Eric Champion's sister?

10. Spell Brent (boo - zhwa)'s last name. (-Boowxiu -Bourgeois -Bougeios)

11. What is Angie Turner's stage name?
Miss Angie

12. Name one of Crystal Lewis's children.
Solomon or Isabella

13. Name one of Amy Grant's kids 
(If you name the other two, you will get one extra point).

Matt, Millie (Gloria Mills), Sarah

14. What is Renee Garcia's married name?

15. What is Pam Thum's middle name?

16. What is Jonathan Pierce's real last name?

17. Name one of Michael W. Smith's kids.
Either Ryan, Anna, Tyler, Whitney, or Emily

18. What is Kim Hill's maiden name?
Hill - Trick Question!

19. Name one of the ten brothers & sisters in the legandary Winans
family. (All of them for an extra 2 Pts.)

Either David Jr., Ronald, Michael, Marvin, Carvin, Daniel, 
Be Be, CeCe, Angie or Debbie

20. Rich Mullins & Cindy Morgan used to have a dog by the same name. 
What was its name?

21. What book did Carolyn Arends get the idea for the song, "Do What 
You Do"?  (-Oh the Places You'll Go -The Sacred Journey -Great Expectations)
Oh the Places You'll Go, by Dr. Suess

22. What was Twila Paris doing when she was inspired to write the "Joy of
the Lord"? (-Reading her Bible -Eating dinner -Washing dishes )

Washing dishes

23. What is the title of Amy Grant's latest album? 
(-Heart in Motion -Lead Me On -Behind the Eyes)
Behind the Eyes

24. What is the name of Carman's latest album? 
(-Transformation -Mission 3:16 -The Standard)
Mission 3:16

25. What is the name of the play written by Rich Mullins, Mitch McVicker,
 and Beaker? (-Canticle of the Plains -Kid Brothers of St. Frank -Songs)
Canticle of the Plains

26. What is Margaret Becker's debut?
Never For Nothing

27. What is Susan Ashton's debut?
Wakened by the Wind

28. What is Audio Adrenaline's debut?
Audio Adrenaline

29. What is Reality Check's debut?
Reality Check

30. What is the name of Bryan Duncan's latest release?
(depends, but currently) The Last time I was here

31. Which famous CCM artist died September 19, 1997?
Rich Mullins

32. What CCM artist died on August 16, 1992? (-Mark Heard -Keith Green
-Chris Christian)
Mark Heard

33. Which member of Shaded Red died in early 1998?
Chris Yoeman, their drummer

34. What country is Michelle Tumes from?

35. What country is Chris Eaton from?

36. What country is Carolyn Arends from?

37. What country is Rebecca St. James from?

38. What country are the Newsboys from?

39. Name a foreign artist and please list the country you are from.
Answers vary

40. What record company does Jars of Clay belong to?
Essential (Silvertone also acceptable)

41. What record company does All Star United belong to?

42. What record company does Amy Morriss belong to?

43. What record company does Wilshire belong to?

44. What record company does Angie & Debbie belong to?
ATF [Against the Flow]

45. What was the old label Sixpence None the Richer, Fleming & John, and
Tammy Trent were on?
46. What is the original color of Crystal Lewis' hair?

47. Name one person Lisa Cochran sings background vocals for.
Answers vary.  Answers include: Amy Grant, Rich Mullins, and Chris Rice.

48.Which one is a Christian artist? (All of these are Christians, but not
Christian artists) (-Sam Phillips -Peter Shambrook -Cliff Richard)
Peter Shambrook

49. Which artist was NOT born in Ohio?  
(-Cindy Morgan -Ian Eskelin -Will McGinniss)
Ian Eskelin

50. Name the contemporary Christian music artist in the 1972 sci-fi 
film, Son of Blob.
Randy Stonehill

51. What other mainstream artist was in this movie?
Larry Norman

52. Name an artist who covered an Amy Grant song and the album it
appeared on.

Answers vary, but the most popular answer was: Eric Champion,

53. Name five Amy Grant songs by memory.
Answers vary, but the five of the most popular were: Baby Baby, Takes a
Little Time, El Shaddai, Sing Your Praise to the Lord, and Somewhere Down
the Road.

54. Name five Steven Curtis Chapman songs by memory.
Answers vary, but the five of the most popular were: Lord of the Dance, I
Will Be Here, The Great Adventure, Free, and Rubber Meets the Road.

55. Name someone Dann Huff has played for.
Answers vary, but they include: Amy Grant, LeAnn Rimes, Celine Dion, and
Point of Grace.

56. What main instrument does Dann Huff play?

57. Name two people from the Gaither Vocal Band who have done a solo
Answers vary, but answers include: Mark Lowry, Jonathan Pierce and
Michael English.

58. Who originally preformed "Why should the devil have all the good
Larry Norman

59. Who plays the teacher on Geoff Moore & the Distance's Evolution
Mark Lowry

60. Which CCM artist was recently on tour with Garth Brooks? Hint: He
recorded one of this artist's songs.
Susan Ashton

61. Who is Kourtney Kirkpatrick?
Wayne Kirkpatrick's daughter

62. Where does Bruce Carroll currently live?
(Denver,) Colorado

63. What was Ben (the drummer of Audio Adrenaline) Cissell's first car?
a hearse

64. Name the duo with members Randy Thomas & Andy Denton.
Identical Strangers

65. Did Steve Wiggins, the lead singer of Big Tent Revival,  write "Two
Sets of Joneses" before or after he married? (-Before -After)

66. Is Mark Lowry married? (-Yes -No)

67. Is Mitch McVicker married? (-Yes -No)
As Wolfman put it: "I would hope not, he has a girlfriend"

68. Is Cindy Morgan married? (-Yes -No)

69. Is Peter Penrose married? (-Yes -No)

70. What female singer sang at the White House in her teens, won GMA's
New Artist of the Year award, has toured with people like Clay Crosse 
& Point of Grace, and has been quoted for saying "Ashley [Cleveland] rocks!"?

Jaci Velasquez

71. Which original member of Avalon is no longer with the group? 
(-Nikki Hassman -Jody McBrayer -Michael Passons -Janna Potter)
Nikki Hassman

72. Which Christian artist talks about a "clumsy fly" that is "buzzing
around" in one of his songs?
Chris Rice

73. What was the first well-known artist to be discovered through the
Erin O'Donnell

74. Black-Eyed Sceva changed its name to...
Model Engine

75. Mac Powell is in this alternative band:  
(-dc Talk -Nouveaux -Third Day)
Third Day

76. Kathy Troccoli & Mark Lowry have the same birthday. What month and
what day is it?
June 24 (Lisa Bevill also shares this birthday)

77. Davia Vallesillo used to sing in this Southern Californian rock band.

Dakoda Motor Co.

78. How old is LeAnn Rimes?

79. What still existing rock band was Steve Green formerly the lead

80.Name an artist with the last name: Keaggy.
Cheri and/or Phil

81. Which state is "meta-modern-folk" artist Sarah Masen from?

82. Which Christian artist takes a gun to her mailbox, for fear of
Rhonda Gunn

83. Name someone who won GMA's New Artist of the Year in the '90s.
Either: David Mullen, 4HIM, Michael English, Cindy Morgan, Point of
Grace, Clay Crosse, Jars of Clay, Jaci Velasquez, or Avalon...

84. What Rich Mullins song did Caedmon's Call cover on their debut?
"Hope To Carry On"

85. Who sang the duet, "Faithful Friend?"
Steven Curtis Chapman, Twila Paris

86. Name one of the people who wrote Eric Clapton's "Change the World."
Either: Wayne Kirkpatrick, Gordon Kennedy or Tommy Sims

87. Wes King went to this state on his honeymoon.

88. Name one of the members of Sierra.
Either Wendy (Foy Green), Jennifer (Hendrix), or Deborah (Shnelle)

89. Mark Harris is in what prestigous male quartet?

90. Brown Bannister has the same birthday as Charlie Peacock. True or
False? (-True -False)

91. Kevin Smith and Michael Tait sung background vocals for Rich Mullins
sometimes. True or False? (True -False)

92. What won the GMA Award for song of the year in 1997? (-Butterfly
Kisses -Flood -God is In Control)
"Butterfly Kisses"

93. What is Gayla Borders husband's first name?

94. What is the Bible verse that Jars of Clay got their name from?
2 Cor. 4:7

95. Who is the host of the CCM countdown?
Gary Chapman

96. Which member of POG is the only one who is not married? (-Terry
-Denise -Heather -Shelley)

97. What date did PFR (Pray For Rain) break up?
September 28, 1996 (The question was originally phrased in a confusing
way, so all of you who took the test were automatically given this point)

98. Tell me one thing about Mark Heimermann.
Answers vary, but has been the producer for many CCM artists.

99. What Leslie Phillips song did Sixpence None the Richer cover?
"Carry You"

This test was created in late 97/ early 98, so some answers may have changed.