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CCM Discussion List - Vol. I, No. 44

"Don't you know why the chosen are few?
It's harder to believe than not to." -Steve Taylor
In this issue: ·Notes of All Sorts ·Top This! ·Shaded Red, Another Death ·Chris Eaton's Cruisin' Now ·Dakoda Runs Home ·Chatting Away ·Responses to TELL ME ·TELL ME ·What is Wrong?

Notes of All Sorts

Thanks to Sutton for the cool Steve Taylor quote! That one is my favorite of all the ones you've given us. If you have a favorite quote to share, please hit reply and include the artist.

Sorry this issue is so long! Hope you find a bunch of good stuff in here.

Top This! [as of 1/26/97]

#1 Adult Contemporary single -- Amy Morriss' / "Within the Sound of Your Voice" | Week #1
#1 CHR single -- Seven Day Jesus / "Butterfly" | Week #1
#1 Inspirational single -- Lisa Bevill / "Tender Reed" | Week #1

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- WOW 1998: The Year's 30 Top Christian Artists & Songs, Various|Week #11
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE: Inspirational Songs, LeAnn Rimes | Week #19

As Mark Heard might have said about LeAnn, "She's just a young girl, but she's getting a little bit old to me." Actually we were sick of her ten weeks ago. This is getting a little monotonous here! Just a little bit.

Amy Morriss! Miss "I'm-a-Believer" is at #1. Congrats.

Shaded Red, Another Death

If you know someone who is an artist, and tours, this could be the best advice you could give them: wear your seat belt. Death claimed another Christian music player: Chris Yeoman of Shaded Red on January 17. Yeoman moved to Nashville about a year ago and went college at Boston's Berklee School of Music. This tragic car accident happened just hours after he played drums for his first public appearance with Shaded Red.
Chris Eaton's Cruisin' Now

Chris Eaton's new album tentatively entitled Cruisin' will be at your local Christian bookstore on April 28th! Pick it up as soon as possible. Chris has written for Amy Grant ("Breath of Heaven," "Sharayah"), Lisa Bevill ("No Condemnation"), Jaci Velasquez ("Flower in the Rain"), and many other cool people. He is a popular background vocalist which you have heard on classics such as MWS' "Love Crusade," Twila Paris' "God is in Control" and Cheri Keaggy's "Open My Heart."

He brings his songwriting and vocal talent to his own project. This is one of CCM's best musicians, and one of the most overlooked. If you would like to learn more, visit the website at: members.tripod.com/~allisoncm/chriseaton.html

Dakoda Runs Home

If you'd like to join the Dakoda Motor Co. DAILY e-mail list, e-mail


with the words "subscribe" and "dakoda" in the body of the message.. They discuss other things besides Dakoda including most alternative bands, since the band broke up.

Chatting Away

If you're into online chats - this Thursday, Jan. 29th beginning at 8 PM CST EAGER will chat at http://www.gcnhome.com

On Thursday, Feb. 19th Sierra will chat online (same time, same internet address). This is a no miss!

Responses to TELL ME

A. (IMAGINE...) The Keaggy, King, Dentè tour is going your town. You learn that they are giving away tickets away to the person who could think of a better title for their album than Invention. What would you name it?

(Christina S.) Actually, I heard this somewhere... They were going to use "29 Fingers." I thought that was an awesome idea, but I guess they changed their mind.

(Rebekah) Rebekah Rocks? I dunno!

B. Who would you like to host the Dove Awards this year?

(Jo) Five Iron Frenzy: That'd be funny!

(Kirsten) Mark Lowry with CeCe Winans

(Christina S.) Geoff Moore

(Rebekah) Gary Chapman and Steve Wiggins

(Susie) I think that the Newsboys would make good hosts!


A. About these people: -Chris Rodriguez -Lisa Cochran

B. Rate these songs: (1=I don't like it, 5=It's Ok 10=I love this song!) -Amy Grant's "Somewhere Down the Road"
-Clay Crosse's "Sold Out Believer"
-John Elefante's "Just like Any Other Day"
-Audio Adrenaline's "People Like Me"

What is Wrong?

After singing "Seize the Day," Carolyn Arends claimed the Dove award for the Gospel Music Association's New Artist of the Year in April 1996. She had tough competition, too.

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