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CCM Discussion List - Vol. I, No. 45

"The God of ever-lasting comfort, believed in me, loved me when
I was faithless he still died for me." Five Iron Frenzy's "Suckerpunch"
In this issue: ˇNotes of All Sorts ˇUnthinkable! ˇNikki Waves Goodbye to Avalon ˇResponses to TELL ME ˇTELL ME ˇThis is Wrong

Notes of All Sorts

Thanks to Super Eliz for the fantastic quote! Stuff is happening with Christian music. Send your ideas for TELL ME, your favorite quotes or opinions to ccmdl@hotmail.com This is the last issue of Volume One. Prepare for Volume Two next week. ------------- Unthinkable! What do Naomi Judd and John Tesh have in common? They are famous. They are mainstream musicians. They are both being seriously considered as hosts for the GMA's Dove Awards. They are---being considered for what? And, seriously? Seriously. No more CeCe Winans, no more Gary Chapman, and no more Mark Lowry. While they could make guest appearances, no more of the normal hosts to bring us through the night. This is not final, mind you; we, I do say we, hope they choose more appropriate people to represent Christian music. John Tesh (Entertainment Tonight) has released an instrumental album and shows proof that he is a Christian by his lifestyle. "Avalon," (at first I thought Avalon had released a single called "John Tesh") his new single is receiving fairly good airplay on Adult Contemporary Christian radio stations. -------------- Nikki Waves Goodbye to Avalon Nikki is the blond girl in Avalon; you know who I'm talking about now. She has decided to leave the group that has received more than decent airplay for a new pursuit. Miss Hassman was able to attain a record contract with Sony. Congratulations, but we'll miss you! Janna Potter (the brown haired girl that is staying in Avalon) is featured on p. 13 of February's CCM Magazine. The article written by Gregory Rumburg is called "Thin Line Between Love & Hate" and is very well done. Jody McBrayer is also in the article, but they do not show a picture of him. Support Avalon. Their new album, A MAZE OF GRACE, has sold well so far and their first single, "Testify to Love" is doing extremely well. It sounds better with each listen. -------------- Responses to TELL ME A. About these people: -Chris Rodriguez No one knew? Details next week. -Lisa Cochran Several people inquired if she was related to Johnny Cochran (those of you in California!!). While I do not know, I do not think so. If all of you do not really know who she is before next week, I'll tell you. B. Rate these songs: (1=I don't like it, 5=It's Ok 10=I love this song!) -Amy Grant's "Somewhere Down the Road" 9 (Allison); 8 (Christina S.); 7 (Mel); 6.5 (Susie) -Clay Crosse's "Sold Out Believer" 9 (Susie, Christina S.); 4 (Mel, Allison) -John Elefante's "Just like Any Other Day" 10 (Mel); 8 (Allison); 6 (Christina S.) -Audio Adrenaline's "People Like Me" 10 (Christina S.); 5 (Allison); -------------- This is Wrong After singing "Seize the Day," Carolyn Arends claimed the Dove award for the Gospel Music Association's New Artist of the Year in April 1996. She had tough competition, too. Susie, Christina S. correctly identified that Carolyn Arends did not get the award this year. Mel noticed that the "Jar Boys" got it that year! Congrats Jars.

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