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CCM Discussion List - Vol. III, No. 8

"But, You called me 'beautiful' when You saw my shame, and You placed me on the wall anyway." (N.Nordeman)
In this issue: Notes of All Sorts Top This! Prayer Artist of March Deliriou5? Inspired by Arends? Responses to TELL ME TELL ME

Notes of All Sorts

Thanks, Bright Eyes, for the Nichole Nordeman quote!

SCC will release his new album, SPEECHLESS, June 15th. Keep your ears open for more info.

The 1999 CCM DL test is almost finished being designed, and then you all can take it!

Top This! [as of 3/1/99]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Chris Rice's "The Power of a Moment" / Week #1
#1 CHR Single -- The Newsboys' "Believe"
#1 Inspirational Single -- Kim Hill's "You Are Still Holy" /Week #2

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- WOW 1999: THE YEAR'S 30 TOP CHRISTIAN ARTISTS AND SONGS, Various
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- THE NU NATION PROJECT, Kirk Franklin

(info from

Prayer Artist of March:
Sonic Flood

I was told to watch out for Sonic Flood. But I didn't. And they carried me away. These guys are the best praise-and-worship band I've heard in a long time!! They rock, too. Get they're CD as fast as you can, but at least give them a try. Pray that their ministry of bringing other Christians into worship would turn out well and that they would glorify God through this!

Deliriou5? [contributed by Jason E.]

I am starting a deliriou5? petition to send to Sparrow Records. To put it briefly, it is a petition asking Sparrow Records to release the delirious? singles and merchandize in North America. To view the petition go to:

Inspired by Arends?

Mike Rimmer is doing a special program (in England) to introduce Carolyn Arends' new album, COMING AND GOING, by sharing testimonies of how one of Carolyn Arends' songs has really encouraged, inspired or motivated you. E-mail your stories by March 10th to Mike at: I understand that he has some pre-release copies of the album to give away.

Responses To TELL ME

A. Do you like programmed music or music that is recorded live better?

(BabyG) 1. I like Live music because the groups/artists are a little free-spirited in the way their songs are sung/played. 2. I like programmed music because it is usually a higher quality sound.

(Chris M.) I like live recorded music that sounds like it's original programmed music.

B. What do you think is the most classic dc Talk song?

"Jesus Freak" [BabyG, Chris M., BrightEyes]

(hit reply to respond)

A. What is your favorite alternative song currently on the radio charts?

B. If you found out that Chris Rice would lose his recording contract if he didn't sell 20,000 units of his record in the next two weeks, would you go out and buy his record (even if you already had it)? Or not? Why?

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