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CCM Discussion List - Vol. III, No. 11

"Gonna run to the healing water, where the mercy river flows." -Rhonda Gunn
In this issue: Notes of All Sorts Top This! The Doves Near You Plumb Fans Avalon Responses to TELL ME TELL ME

Notes of All Sorts

Alright we changed our name from CCM DL to Christian Music Summary. The site address is going to remain the same, even though part of the URL includes "ccmdl". The change was necessary, as several people wondered if we were affiliated with CCM Magazine (we aren't). The list will continue to remain the same. You will receive a summary of what is happening in Christian music, and will have an option to sumbit your reviews and opinions about Christian music. What you write may be edited, but we will print any short review or anything anyone sends to us.

Thanks, Ginger, for the Rhonda Gunn quote!! We have now officially run out of quotes. If you'd like to send any CCM quotes, hit reply to send them or e-mail

Remember to pray for Sonic Flood, CCM DL's Prayer Artist of March.

CAEDMON'S CALL INFO: On April 6, between 7 & 10 p.m., and April 7, between 9 & 11 p.m., you can hear the new Caedmon's Call CD 40 Acres, plus you can see exclusive interviews, photos, concert dates, and more! Just go to .

The CCM DL Con-TEST is simple and tricky this year. Rules are explained in detail on the page. The person with the highest score wins a CD! Go to this URL: If you take the test before April 15th 1999, you get three extra credit points! Deadline to enter, however, is May 1, 1999.

Top This! [as of 3/22/99]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Nikki Leonti's "Everlasting Place" / Wk. #1
#1 CHR Single --Sonic Flood's "I Want to Know You" /Wk. #1
#1 Inspirational Single -- Kathy Troccoli's "A Different Road" /Wk. #3

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- CHASE THE SUN, The Supertones | Wk. #3
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- THE NU NATION PROJECT, Kirk Franklin

(info from

The Doves Near You

The Doves will air at CrossWalk ( LIVE! So if you don't want to wait until the Doves air on TV two weeks after the real show, go to Crosswalk! Make sure you have Real Audio.

The Doves are also being broadcasted live from a bunch of Wal-Mart stores cross-country. Check your Wal-Mart to see if it will broadcast the Doves this Wednesday!

Plumb Fans

Check out the exclusive internet world premiere of Plumb's new album on The events will be held March 26, from 7 to 10 pm CT and the following night, March 27, from 9 to 11:00 pm CT. candycoatedwaterdrops is produced by the returning Matt Bronleewe (Natalie Imbruglia, Plumb) and Glenn Rosenstein (U2, Caedmon's Call, Sarah Jahn). Expect some of the songwriting to be done by Wayne Kirkpatrick, and the majority of it to be done by Tiffany Arbuckle.


Preview four cuts from Avalon's IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT, before it will be released on Tuesday. This is the first album that features Cherie Pavliotti, the group's new vocalist. Just go to

Responses To TELL ME

A. What do you think is the best Christian album that you could use in witnessing to your un-saved friends?

(Christina S.) I dunno, I think that any dctalk album is a great ice breaker because their music has always been really good, and main stream has opened their ear to them. I don't personally have any unsaved friends, so I honestly couldn't say, but if I did, I would recommend dct to them definitely.

(Jason E.) I would probably use "Live and in the Can".

(Rebekah) Hmm... either dc Talk's "Jesus Freak", Shaded Red, or PFR's "Great Lengths"... all are just so powerful lyrically and musically and bring hope to your life

B. What do you think is the best Christian album that you could use in witnessing to your Christian friends?

(Christina S.) well, it depends on what they're going through. stuff like polarboy or seven day Jesus I would recommend different things [to] different people.

(Jason E.) "Live and in the Can" as well. I mean, the can is such an awesome cd and I really believe it has impacted me and the way I worship God.

(Rebekah) Shaded Red

(hit reply)

1. Rate these artists on a scale from 1 to 10 (1-Don't like 10-My favorite!)

-Sonic Flood
-Kathy Troccoli

2A. Who do you want to win New Artist of the Year for the Doves on Wednesday night? (All Star United, Burlap to Cashmere, Jennifer Knapp, Nichole Nordeman, Michelle Tumes)

2B. Is there someone in particular who should have been nominated for New Artist of the Year, but wasn't?

*if you have a TELL-ME question, e-mail Allison with it at:

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