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CCM Discussion List - Vol. III, No. 13

In this issue: • Notes of All Sorts • Top This! • Member Profile: Amy B. • Prayer Artist of April: Insyderz • Responses to TELL ME • TELL ME

Notes of All Sorts

Chris U. commented on his test, "I would like to see more member profiles! They are Cool!" If you have filled one out, I promise you that I'll post them eventually! I have a goal of posting at least one per month now, so you will be able to read what other people's tastes in Christian music are. After they are posted, I will try to post them all in one section on the website so you can view them all at once. Also requested were Artist Profiles and more participation from the group! I will work on the Artist Profiles, if you all try to participate more. I know it's rough to always give your ideas. But don't hesitate, and send in reviews if that's what to have to give. Thanks!!

Do you recognize the name Laura Harris? Well, if you don't, she's a reviewer for CCM Magazine. She has joined Music Force, a great place on the ‘net that sells music. You can read her reviews online at: musicforce.com,, as well as get good music at wonderful prices.

The CCM DL Con-TEST is at: http://members.tripod.com/~allisoncm/ccmdl/1999ccmdl-contest.html Enter to win a Christian music album.

Top This! [as of 4/12/99]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Avalon's IN NOT OF
#1 CHR Single --Sonic Flood's I WANT TO KNOW YOU
#1 Inspirational Single -- Fernando Ortega's CREATION SONG

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT, Avalon, Wk. 2
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- THE NU NATION PROJECT, Kirk Franklin

(info from www.ccmcom.com)

Member Profile: Amy B.
Has been listening to Christian music since: 1988

Listens to: 20% secular and 80%
Types of music she likes include adult contemporary, alternative, gospel, techno

Favorite artist: Crystal Lewis
Other artists she listens to: JOC, Sixpence, Newsboys

Favorite song: "All of the way My Saviour Leads Me" by Rich Mullins

How did you get into Christian music?
I'm actually a recording artist myself. I've worked with a producer from Word a few times this year.

And don't forget to visit her webpage at: http://www.artistics.com/amy/

Prayer Artist of April: Insyderz

Insyderz is a ska band that rocks and praises the Lord. Pray for their music to touch their listeners' lives.

*if you have an artist you would like to suggest for Prayer Artist of the Month, please send your ideas to ccmdl@hotmail.com

Responses To TELL ME

A. Do you think Christian music seems to point to God more, or less these days (1999)? Give examples to back your argument.

(Jonathan N.) I think this is a terrible argument to make one way or another. There is so many more CCM artists today (volume wise) that it leads to a broader number of "methods" of presenting their art. I do, however, think that there are more Christian "entertainers" now. In early CCM times, it was all about ministry. Now it is about art, entertainment, business, and (sometimes) ministry. It all depends on where the individual artist(s) feel God leading them.

B. If you started the label and had the choice to sign *either* Michelle Tumes or Kirk Franklin, who would you sign?

(Terri C.) I would sign Michelle Tumes. I like her type of music. The only song of Kirk Franklin I like is "God's Property."

(Jonathan N.) Michelle Tumes

*if you have a TELL-ME question, e-mail Allison with it at: ccmdl@hotmail.com


A. Rate these songs (1-Don't like; 5-OK; 10-My favorite!!)

-Skip to the End (Mukala)
-In Not Of (Avalon)
-Lean on Me (Kirk Franklin)

B. Pick an opening act for a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. Would it be a pop group or would you pick someone a little bit different?

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