Dear Allison, Thank you for posting the news about Chris's new work on your site. To update you, we have just spent a week in London workshopping the material with some actors and musicians. I have attached some pictures of Chris and Sue taken as they worked. You will also see Simon Slater who is musical director for the show. As is the nature of theatre, rehearsals take place in odd rooms across the country. You may spot some photographs in the background - not Chris's revered ancestors but the founder of a martial arts system being taught in the same room in the evenings. There is also a picture of the warehouse itself on the banks of the Lagan - that big white shed, not the old brick building in front which has sadly been demolished. We learned a lot and came up with some great ideas which will be fed into the production. Chris has been so smitten by the whole project that he will be appearing in Seeing the Light himself and leading the band. The dates in Belfast are : Wednesday 29th Nov - Sunday 3rd Dec. Tickets are available from Waterfront Hall ( 028 9033 4455 ) in Belfast plus HMV,Virgin and outlets across Northern Ireland. Also from ticketmaster ( 0870 243 4455 ) and Belfast Methodist College ( 028 9029 5211 )