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Terri Thompson took some nice pictures of a 1999 concert with Chris Eaton and the band Higherway.

See the pictures here.

Barbara Engel saw Chris Eaton on June 20th, 1998, playing with Art Garfunkel at Würth Open-Air in Künzelsau, Germany.

It was VERY strange - nobody had any idea that Chris was going to appear at this concert. It was a big open-air concert with the Flying Pickets, Allannah Myles and Art Garfunkel, appearing in this order. After we had been waiting for a while for Art Garfunkel to perform, a bloke from the radio announced that some ...(I didn't quite listen to what he said, as it meant even longer waiting for Art..) would sing for twenty minutes before Art Garfunkel would begin. Nothing happened on stage, so we sat down again. Suddenly one person walked onto the stage - we got up again and I couldn't believe my eyes!!

Did I get halucinations? Could this really be Chris Eaton? How on Earth did he get to play here? (He is pretty much unknown over here.) When he started singing the first song from 'Wonderful World' I knew it was really him.

The only time I had seen Chris live before was in 1995 at the Greenbelt Festival in England. I only knew [who] he was because I was a huge Cliff Richard fan and saw them both on television programmes. At Greenbelt he had sung several songs from 'Wonderful World', signed two posters and was very friendly when we had a little chat.

Anyway, after singing this first song he introduced himself speaking very good German and he mentioned, that he had a new album out and that the songs he was going to sing were from that album. As I had no idea about his new album, I'm afraid I can't tell you the exact titles. I can only say that the second song had a lot of 'Angel' in it and was wonderful slow, moody song. The third song was very catchy. Even though Chris was playing the piano, he managed quite well to get the audience clapping. Before the fourth song, which was going to turn out to be the last, he spoke to the audience again (partly in German). He told us to close our eyes and to imagine being alone in a rowing boat on a 'loch' in Scotland at 6 am and the temperature being chilly. A very slow, calm but beautiful song followed. Even though his performance was very short, it was an absolute highlight of the concert. It was a wonderful surprise to see Chris so unexpectedly and made it even more enjoyable.

Eveline saw Chris Eaton on 12-6-98 with Ralph Van Manen in Elburg, Holland

I was going to a concert of Ralph, and suddenly I heard Chris talking... He and Ralph were singing a song together which they wrote together, called 'A friend like you', in the middle of the song Chris forgot the lyrics! That was pretty funny.

Thomas Helgeson saw Chris Eaton in the summer of 1998 performing with Art Garfunkel at Liseberg in Goteborg, Sweden.

Last time I saw Chris Eaton was this summer when he was touring with Art Garfunkel. Actually I didn't know Chris would play until a couple of hours before the concert but when I heard that he was going to be there I called some friends and showed up at the venue an hour or so before Art was supposed to start his show. Anyway, Chris played some songs from his new album (which I hadn't heard at the time, so unfortunately I don't remember the titles) and some songs from Wonderful World. It was absolutely brilliant although I would've preferred some other musicians as well. Now it was just Chris and his piano. Well, most of the songs were quite soft. I'm not sure what the other people listening thought (Chris Eaton is completely un-known in Sweden, except among Christians and some musicians), maybe it was a little bit too soft for them. But as a whole, some really great songs and as usual I was touched by the lyrics. I would still like to see him with a complete band though!

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