Eliza and Monica

Act Two Ė Scene Two MONICA: I never thought Iíd be here at the bar. Eliza is probably shagging Robbie right now. It hurts to think of it. ANNIE: What are you doing here? MONICA: Iím depressed. ANNIE: Oh, youíre American. Whatís your name? MONICA: Monica. ANNIE: Iím Annie. Nice to meet you. Why are you here? MONICA: My best friend stole my boyfriend. My boyfriend said heíd never cheat on me, but he did. I donít know why I believed him. But he seemed so sincere. ANNIE: Well, donít feel so sorry for yourself. It could be worse. MONICA: How could it be worse? ANNIE: I just went broke from medical bills. My husband had cancer. It was a hard battle for a year, then he died. I had to move out of my nice flat in Hampstead to a much crummier place. Iím still paying the debt off. MONICA: Well, Iím sorry. ANNIE: I thought that once I found the right man, everything would be wonderful for the rest of my life. I never imagined my perfect plan would be ruined by his illness. MONICA: It seems so hard to find a good man, though. Iíve been searching for the last several years and I run into dead end after dead end. Guys turn out to be creeps, losers, or just plain boring. ANNIE: Yes, I know. Iím resigned to live the rest of my life alone. Men who are single at my age tend to be single for a reason. Usually theyíre unemployed, irrational, mentally insane or theyíre divorced because no able woman can able to handle them. MONICA: I hate it when I meet a couple who is just perfect: theyíre right for each other and everything. I begin to think: itís just a matter of time before I meet the right person. But then I think: I havenít met the right person and theyíre just a sucky couple that has to rub their love in my face and I hate it. ANNIE: Youíll find the right person. MONICA: We always say that the world needs more love, but I think we need less of it. Women who have found the right man tend to think theyíre more important and treat you like an outcast. I love it when a woman falls in love for the sake of falling in love and the man turns out to be a monster. ANNIE: So you hope your best friend will get what she deserves? MONICA: Yes and no. I mean, she will get it. I canít believe she thinks that the same thing wonít happen to her. Robbie was the type that was so smooth and so charming, but it all was a front. Heís devious or really confused. But I donít necessarily want her to feel pain. I just know thatís going to happen. ANNIE: When that does happen, are you going to forgive her? MONICA: You mean reconcile? I could, but the same thing may happen again. I just couldnít afford that, emotionally. ANNIE: So are you moving out? MONICA: Yes. Itís so terrible, looking for a new flat. I canít find anything decent, or affordable. ANNIE: Thereís a young man at work I know. A Ewan. MONICA: Yes? ANNIE: Heís looking for a flatmate. I donít know him very well, heís kind of to himself. MONICA: That sounds completely wonderful. ANNIE: Yes, he probably wouldnít give you any trouble. Anyway, I have to leave, but here is his number. I hope it works out. All the best. MONICA: Thank you. Same to you. ANNIE: MONICA: ANNIE: MONICA: ANNIE: MONICA: ANNIE: MONICA: ANNIE: MONICA: ANNIE: MONICA: ANNIE: MONICA: NEED MORE TEXT HERE