Christmas Music

Christmas Music

>what is everyone's favorite christmas song(s) and why.
I like "You Gotta Get Up" by Rich Mullins because it's by Rich Mullins. Seriously, it is wonderful. You'd think Rich would concentrate on God's glory and Jesus' love to actually come down on earth, but no, he's concentrating on waking up his parents, because he can't wait to see what's under the tree. When I was younger, I used to wait a whole hour before my parents got up. Now I'm awakened by THEM.

Other songs I like are Amy Grant's "Little Town" (written by Chris Eaton) and "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" are simply gorgeous (especially Sam Phillips' version in a minor key). When December comes around, I play "Little Town" non-stop sometimes. It's just too beautiful.

I also love Michael W. Smith's version of "Emmanuel" and "Gloria" (I need to get the album) but cannot stand Sierra's version of "Emmanuel." I love the group, but they are completely off-key on a reoccurring note!!

I love Bryan Duncan's Christmas album too. The first and last tracks are my favorites. They sort-of sum up how I feel at Christmas.

On the Prodigy Christian music list, someone suggested that the musicians write a song for God (Christmas 1997). I thought it was a neat idea, but didn't know where to start. I sort-of came up with something and called it "The Year Is Going."

I mean, did anyone else have a horrible year in 1997? I was sick a whole lot. Rich Mullins and Mother T. and Princess D. and Chris Farley died. I mean a lot of good things happened. God definitely worked in everyone's life. But I just had to write "The Year Is Going." The Year Is Going!! It will never return. We can treasure the good memories in our mind and (try to) forget the horrible things that happened. My song has no lyrics, and I think I'm going to leave it as an instrumental song.