Now some my thoughts about Institution Green. Poets and writers cannot exist without institutions. They must be promoted. They want to be recognized, but they must sell themselves. They wait for someone from institution which "walls are cracked and dim", but for them it is green - they still hope it is right way. There are many similar to them waiting in a line. All of them know what does *writing* mean. They watch the floor and think the same - don't look into eyes, don't talk - they can write about you, they know you, you can't hide anything from them. Finally they meet a woman behind a table who sees only a product in all what they wrote from deepest heart in the moment of true feelings. The others behind tables can only criticize them or simply misunderstand. They must take a risk. They dream about this unknown, simply person who in their words finds out the truth about themselves and recognize all what they love and what was described by them. Regards Anna Maria K. "Anna K."