Here are some things that you might never have known
about me (stuff that you probably never want to know either).

When I was five, I announced to my mom that I wanted to be a cake decorator; she got so upset because 1)she thought I was serious and 2)she thought I should have higher goals. I like deep conversations; I hate talking about the weather. I met Amy Grant (I was trying to think of something brilliant to say, but all I said was "hi." Too make it worse, I had the absolute worst bad hair day, ever. I take the Bible literally. I would have probably gone into politics, had I stayed in California, and not moved to Tennessee. I love quotes. My favorite books tend to have terrible endings, but I will overlook that fact, if the rest is good. I am a shy person, yet I walked up to Chris Eaton and introduced myself. To quote the lovely Sam Phillips who puts what I think about grace as opposed to works so eloquently and concisely, "You can't get there with your morals...the rules aren't always right." It is almost unfathomable to me that all "Christians" in Medieval times were called (Roman) Catholics. I hated dogs (I was afraid of them) until I turned seventeen and my brother got a sweet, wonderful dog named Cookie. I don't call Cookie, just Cookie. I call her: Cookie, Cookie. If someone asks me if anyone in the Christian music industry is saved, I will not comment. I used to want to look exactly like Teri Hatcher. I am a procrastinator. The only class I've gotten an "F" in is mathematics. Any shade of blue is beautiful. I don't like P.E. I like eavesdropping on interesting people. I imagine God must look similar to my second grade teacher (because he was so kind). I have been a pre- post- mid- and pan- tribber (in reference to the tribulation in Revelation). I like walking in the snow, but not the rain. I like driving in the rain, but not the snow. I read in a book that if you imagine yourself talking to people: famous, IRL, dead or alive, you will get ideas for writing short stories, poetry, etc. I am hooked with imagining conversations and am quite light-headed because of it. I have imagined talking with people including: Amy Grant, Gillian Welch, Rebecca Heard, Michael Omartian, Wayne Kirkpatrick, and Brent Bourgeois. I am very quiet and unsocial, yet I am still daring, goofy, loud, and crazy at times. I used to work in a retirement home. These are some things that happened. (1) I met a guy obsessed with the X-Files (and started watching it, for a brief period of time). (2) I had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. (3) On Christmas, two people said, "if I had a brain I'd be dangerous." (4) There was a guy who had one arm, however, I never noticed it and treated him like everyone else. I think he appreciated it. I'm supposed to be doing that courtship thing. My fifth grade Sunday school teacher called me a wolf in sheep's clothing. I have a mother, a father, no sister, a brother, yet I am an Orphan girl. I think that unmotivated, lazy, nonchalant sloths would be in trouble if Mark Heard was alive today. I found Sixpence None the Richer's Tickets for a Prayer Wheel (without a case) in a Christian bookstore for only $1!! I like technology, but not science. The smaller the government, the better. I know that someday I'll sit down and learn how to play the mandolin, bass, drums, and the fiddle. I record my dreams in a dream book (and received the idea from L. M. Montgomery's The Golden Road The fact that Rich Mullins smoked camels is both comforting and distressing to me.