Beautiful Cassandra
CASSANDRA'S FATHER: I am of noble birth. Ha! We live in Bond Street where I am a millener.

CASSANDRA: Bond Street! Lots of shopping!

CASSANDRA'S FATHER: At least she is interested in shopping and not in love just yet. She is sixteen and I am not ready to give her up just yet.

CASSANDRA: Oh, but papa you are so silly! I am desperately in love with this elegant bonnet that Mama made me!

CASSANDRA'S FATHER: How lovely and amiable you are, dear Cassandra.

CASSANDRA: I must leave! Oh ices! May I have six!

ICE SELLER: (aside) Six! What a spoiled child (to: cassandra) Certainly. That comes to two and a half pounds.

CASSANDRA: I refuse to pay for them! (knocks the ice seller down) Excuse me! Coach! Please go to Hampstead for me!

COACH DRIVER: Hampstead? For what occasion?

CASSANDRA: Never you mind. Off to Hampstead!

COACH DRIVER: Well here we are.

CASSANDRA: I take that back. I order you to return to our original point of departure.

COACH: As you wish my lady. It will be eight pounds.

CASSANDRA: Eight pounds! Let me search my pockets, good sir.

COACH: I demand eight pounds? Will you not pay?

CASSANDRA: Oh please good sir do not hurt me. I shall bestow to you my very dearest possession worth eight thousand pounds to me!


Cassandra places the bonnet on coach's head and runs off giggling.

WIDOW: Cassandra. Dearest Cassandra!

CASSANDRA: Yes, dearest widow!

WIDOW: How do you do? What an odd mother who would let you outdoors without a bonnet?

Cassandra curtseys and returns home.

CASSANDRA'S FATHER: Yes, you very amiable indeed, Cassandra. It will suit me fine if you never get married and live here at Bond Street forever. Goodness child, you have been gone seven hours!

CASSANDRA: Oh papa, "This is a day well spent."