Among the Shadows

By L. M. Montgomery (d. April 24, 1942)
Edited by Rea Wilmshurst

The Closed Door
Davenport's Story
The Deacon's Painkiller
Detected By the Camera
From Out the Silence
The Girl at the Gate
The House Party at Smoky Island
The Man on the Train
The Martyrdom of Estella
Miriam's Lover
Miss Calista's Peppermint Bottle
The Old Chest at Wyther Grange
The Red Room
A Redeeming Sacrifice
The Redemption of John Churchill
Some Fools and a Saint
The Tryst of the White Lady
White Magic

"The Man on the Train"
This is a classic tale of a woman who has never been on a train. You know, you never know who you might meet on a train. But it is interesting to see who she does meet and what happens.