Favorite Leslie Phillips Songs

"Answers Don't Come Easy" 5 votes (Aaron, Kirstin Jones, Jeffrey Overstreet, Aaron Swanger, Michael)
"Beating Heart" 2 votes (Chris, Jeannie M. Larson)
"Black and White in a Grey World" 1 vote (Lyle Burns)
"Bring Me Through" 1 vote (Wade Brasher)
"By My Spirit" 5 votes (Allison, Stephanie, Chris Dusza, RevTerry, Joe Bell)
"Down" 1 vote (Mike)
"Here He Comes With My Heart" 1 vote (LoRee MacKay)
"Libera Me" 3 votes (Tara c, JIM WIITA, John)
"Love Is Not Lost" 1 vote (Richard B.)
"River of Love" 2 votes (Tracy, Debbi Kapala)
"Song in the Night" 1 vote (Scott Martin)
"Strength of My Life" 3 votes (Chuck Norris, Jeff Haney, ineedmoreinfo)
"The Turning" 1 vote (Karen R.)
"Walls of Silence" 1 vote (Tormentor)
"When the World is New" 1 vote (Michelle Reed)
"You're My Lord" 1 vote (Richard Harvey)
"You're the Same" 1 vote (Rafael Martinez)
"Your Kindness" 3 votes (Dave Munoz, Jim Jacobs, kathryn)

Honorable mentions:

"Answers Don't Come Easy" 5 votes (Jeannie M. Larson, Mike, Karen R., Dave Munoz, RevTerry)
"Beating Heart" 2 vote (Chris Dusza, Richard B.)
"Beyond Saturday Night" 1 vote (John)
"Black and White in a Grey World" 1 vote (Chris Dusza)
"By My Spirit" 7 votes (Richard Harvey, Dave Munoz, Kirstin Jones, Chuck Norris, Rafael Martinez, ineedmoreinfo, Debbi Kapala)
"Carry You" 1 vote (Jeffrey Overstreet)
"Down" 1 vote (Karen R.)
"Gina" 1 vote (Michelle Reed)
"Give Back To You" 2 vote (Tara c, Jim Jacobs)
"God Is Watching You" 1 vote (Tracy)
"He's Gonna Hear You Crying" 1 vote (Jim Jacobs)
"Here He Comes with My Heart" 1 vote (RevTerry)
"I Won't Let It Come Between Us" 2 votes (Tormentor, Scott Martin)
"Libera Me" 2 votes (Allison, Michael)
"Love Is Not Lost" 4 votes (Aaron, Aaron Swanger, Mike, John)
"More I Know You" 1 vote (Joe Bell)
"No One But You" 1 vote (Jeannie M. Larson)
"Powder Room Politics" 2 votes (Stephanie, Debbi Kapala)
"Psalm 55" 1 vote (Chris)
"River of Love" 2 vote (Tormentor, Michael)
"Strength of My Life" 7 votes (Richard Harvey, Kirstin Jones, Stephanie, Tara c, Chris, Scott Martin, Wade Brasher)
"The Turning" 2 votes (Jeffrey Overstreet, Richard B.)
"Walls of Silence" 1 vote (Michelle Reed)
"When the World is New" 2 vote (Aaron, Aaron Swanger)
"You're My Lord" 1 vote (Jeff Haney)
"You're the Same" 2 votes (Chuck Norris, Wade Brasher)
"Your Kindness" 5 votes (Allison, Tracy, Rafael Martinez, ineedmoreinfo, Joe Bell)

updated: 20 May 2004


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